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Camp for all ages!

Pop quiz: What do Camp Lebanon and Trix cereal have in common?  If you’re struggling to find an answer, don’t sweat it!  We couldn’t think of any either, other than the fact that Camp probably served Trix for breakfast at least once. The difference between Camp and Trix is best seen in the cereal’s motto “Silly Rabbit, Trix are for kids!” Camp is definitely for kids, but it’s also for everyone else of any age.  “Silly Rabbit, Camp is for everyone!” We put on more than fifty different programmed events each year and also welcome groups to come rent out our facilities.  So whether you are eight, eighteen, or eighty, we would love to have you come to Camp!

– Youth Camps

– Women’s Events

– Men’s Events

– Family Retreats

– Father – Son

– Father – Daughter

– Mother – Daughter

– Seniors Retreat (Young at Heart)

– Young Adult Retreat (18-35)


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