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2018 Family Camp Weekends

A few years back, a pre-school girl awoke from her car ride slumber just as her family arrived at Camp Lebanon.  Looking out the door, the little girl said, “Is this heaven?”  For hundreds of the families that have experienced Family Camp at Camp Lebanon over the past fifty years, the answer, “It sure tastes like it!”  Come and see for yourself!

0 carpetball familyWhen is your family’s favorite time of summer?  Early?  Middle?  Late?  Good news! No matter the time of summer, Camp Lebanon has a Family Weekend where your family can enjoy the “Funnest Fun!” Each three night weekend features fun in, on, and around the water, lively chapels, daily recreation options, and plenty of relaxed free time!

Need more reasons to come?  Beautiful setting on Cedar Lake.  Comfortable & clean accommodations (4 choices from  RV to hotel-like).  Safe environment.  Delicious food that mom doesn’t have to cook.  Friendly staff. Affordable prices.

Memorial Day Family Camp Weekend 

May 25-28, 2018

The ultimate summer kickoff! The fun begins at 4:00 PM Friday and runs at a relaxed, but fun pace through a Monday 8:30am chapel and a 9:30 brunch.  SAMPLE SCHEDULE FROM A PREVIOUS YEAR

Summer Fun Family Weekend

June 28 – July 1, 2018

Even more relaxed than the “bookend” weekends, 4th of July Family Camp offers the full range of relaxed family fun. Registration opens Thursday at 4:00 and the fun runs through Sunday afternoon.  SAMPLE SCHEDULE FROM A PREVIOUS YEAR

Labor Day Family Camp Weekend 

August 31 – September 3, 2018

Make sure your summer has finale…a family camp finale!  Historically, this is the first family event to fill and for good reason: families have a blast! Don’t miss out – sign up soon!   SAMPLE SCHEDULE FROM A PREVIOUS YEAR

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