Family Camp FAQS

Got Questions?

We hope you find the answer to your questions here, but if not, please give us a call  at 320-403-9555 or email us.  We’ll be happy to help with any topic!

Registration for Summer Camp

You can register through our database, Ultra Camp – Please create an account and register for the desired event at the links below!

How to Find Your Account and Register for an Event

Register for an Upcoming Camp Week

Your Welcome email will be sent 1-2 weeks prior to your week at camp. The information includes a packing list, directions, confirmation of any remaining balance due, spending money, etc. 

Deposits are refundable for cancellations three months out or more (less a $75 processing fee). Within three months, deposits are non-refundable unless spot is filled (less a $75 processing fee).

Camp Lebanon’s goal with its financial assistance program is to help as many people come to Camp as possible. We utilize 3 tools in trying to achieve that:

1. Payment Plans (allowing Camp’s costs to be spread out over a longer period of time)

2. Third Party Help (churches and counties have been very helpful and supportive allies in getting people to Camp)

3. Camp Lebanon’s Scholarship Fund (Camp’s money for scholarships is entirely funded by generous the donations of guests and supporters of Camp).

Scholarships and payment plans are available to make Camp affordable to those in need.  To apply for financial assistance, go to our website and register your camper for the desired session.  In the registration process, there is a financial assistance application for you to fill out.  At the end of the application, it will give you a code to put in when you reach the payment page. When you get to your cart for payment, enter this code in the “promotional code field.”  This will allow you to finish the registration without payment.  We will then be able to review your application and will follow up with you.

Please do not allow finances to keep you from attending.  If you have any questions about financial assistance, please contact us:

General FAMILY Camp Questions
Our suggested Packing List is located HERE.

A canteen card is how we keep track of your family’s spending money while they are at Camp Lebanon.  The money that you designate as spending money is put into an individual account, called a Canteen Card.  These cards are pieces of paper with dollar amounts in a grid, and they allow staff to keep track of what money your family has spent throughout the week.  Here is an example of what a Canteen Card looks like:

Pontoons, kayaks, pedalboats, canoes, sailboats, corcls, dock storage, and lots of fun on-site recreation equipment. Fees include Kids Club, Teen Time activities, beverage station, and all meals. Extra fees apply for zipline, laser tag, some crafts.

Swimming Test Questions
To pass the swim test, swimmers must start on one dock and jump or dive into the water. Then they must front crawl (with arms coming out of the water) to the other dock, where they will tread water for one minute. Swimmers need to do each part of the swim test without assistance or breaks. 

Wtypically offer swim tests during check-in on the first day and again at a scheduled time the next day. Campers can take the swim test once per day that it is offered.  Any changes in the swim test schedule will be communicated to campers and staff to ensure everyone has an opportunity. 

Super Kids (grades 3-6), Junior High campers (7-9), and Senior High campers (10-graduates) can swim as far as the swimming buoys, which includes the raft and deep water matThese campers can also take boats out with others who have passed the swim test.  Adventurers (grades 1-3) who have passed the swim test can swim to the second rope, but will still need a staff member with them to go boating. 

For safety, Camp requires each camper to pass a swim test before allowing access to deep water swim areas (e.g. diving raft, swim mat) and unescorted watercraft (e.g. pedalboats, canoes, kayaks). Campers who do not pass the test have ample opportunities to enjoy activities in shallow water swim zones, on watercraft with Camp staff (e.g. counselor), and on the fishing docks.

No, campers do not need to take the swim test. If they are not interested in swimming in the deep end or are not confident swimmers, they can choose to skip the test.  If a family camper does not take the swim test they can still swim to the first rope and go boating with an adult who has passed the swim test. 



We are blessed with a clean and beautiful lake that is great for swimming!  But it can also get very deep, with an average depth of 39 feet. Our swimming area also gets deep very quickly, so we want to make sure we are confident that everyone in the deep end is a strong swimmer. 

Special Dietary Needs
Our menu is available for families who have questions related to dietary concerns.  In this case, we request that you include this information in your registration and you will be contacted by Camp Lebanon to further discuss any needs you might have.  See our Food page for more info.

Camp does its best to accommodate special dietary needs. If a dietary need or food allergy was noted on your registration, you will receive an email from Camp a week before your session. That will include a menu for the week and instructions on how we can work together to best serve your family.

While Camp cannot plan menus around particular individuals, we have learned helpful ways to serve campers with food allergies. Some guests find it necessary to bring a supply of their own food to supplement Camp’s menu and canteen choices.  Refrigerated storage and a microwave are available. With advanced notice, Camp can also offer standard options that we keep on hand.

Medical Needs & Concerns
Trained First Aid personnel are on site for each camp session.  The entire summer staff are trained in on CPR and First Aid.

Camp staff is committed to excellence and safety and is trained in First Aid and CPR. Our waterfront is staffed by certified lifeguards. 

Your camp fee includes $5000 secondary accident insurance coverage. In the event your child requires professional medical care on account of an injury sustained at Camp, Camp Lebanon’s insurance will pay expenses (e.g. deductibles, co-pays) not covered under your family insurance plan. A medical history related to that injury and treatment will be kept on file at Camp to provide information if a claim would be needed. Step One (1) requires you to file with your family carrier. Step Two (2) will be for you to contact Camp Lebanon after you have received a Declaration of Benefits from your carrier. Camp will file a claim on your behalf for the uncovered portion up to $5000. 

Please call Marc Nelson (800.816.1502 ext. 17) at Camp if you have questions. 

Please note: Camp’s insurance does not cover sickness or illness.


For a printable version of these COVID-19 FAQs, click here.

Camp Lebanon is committed to the safety of each camper, staff, and volunteer. Until Minnesota’s “Stay Safe” guidelines change, the following protocols will be in force to promote the health and well-being of all.

    • Require pre-screening before any camper, staff member, or volunteer arrives.
    • Screen every camper, staff, and volunteer upon arrival.
    • Complete daily health checks of every camper, staff member, and volunteer.
    • Adhere to Executive Order 20-81 requiring all people in Minnesota to wear facial coverings in indoor spaces.
    • Utilize two large dining rooms to spread out staff and campers during meals.
    • Conduct chapels and all-camp gatherings outside in either a large, open-air tent with social distancing guidelines in place or at the Steps of Faith amphitheater.
    • Plan events in cabin groups (“pods”) throughout the day to minimize contact.
    • Clean and sanitize high touch surfaces multiple times throughout each day.
    • Implement a COVID-19 exposure plan should campers, staff, or volunteers become ill while at Camp.
    • Email a post-Camp survey to determine if any guests became ill after Camp.

For more details, you can read Camp Lebanon’s Youth Camps Preparedness Plan.

Campers and staff will be required to wear masks in the following circumstances:

    • Indoors: In any building on Camp property. EXCEPTIONS: Housing units, showering, or eating.
    • Outdoors: When social distancing cannot be maintained between campers or staff outside of their cabin group. EXCEPTIONS: swimming.
  • Each camper should have at least one clean mask per day at Camp. Because of Camp’s high activity rate, campers should bring extra masks to ensure availability.
  • Cloth masks (two-layers) or disposable surgical masks work great.
  • NOTE: Face shields do not count as a mask and will not be welcomed as an acceptable face covering.
  • Begin following these guidelines now. Get your child in the habit of properly wearing a mask (over your nose and mouth).
  • Champion these guidelines! Explaining the guidelines to your child in a positive light sets up both campers and Camp for success.

If your camper was exposed to someone with COVID-19, Camp requires a 10-day period without any exposure and a negative COVID test OR a 14-day period without any exposure before that camper will be allowed to come to camp.

If your child begins to demonstrate COVID symptoms while at Camp, he/she will be isolated from other campers and staff and will be returned home as soon as a parent or guardian can arrange to have him transported home.

Yes, your child will be eligible for a full refund if they have been exposed to COVID and as a result are not able to attend. Campers will have the choice of either a full refund (less $25 admin fee) or a 100% voucher that will be good through the end of 2022. This policy does not apply to other reasons for cancelling.

Your child can expect an amazing Summer Camp! Most Camp activities will be available, including laser tag, chapels, swimming, boating, hiking, Octoball, carpetball, campfires, crafts, the Screaming Eagle Zip Line, and much, much more.

The biggest way that Camp is going to look different this year has to do with how campers, staff, and volunteers interact. Events will be programmed in cabin groups, which will experience the majority of activities together. Large group events that encourage and require multiple cabin groups to overlap will not be scheduled.

  • Staff will wear facial coverings in all indoor spaces and outdoors when social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Staff will complete daily health checks with Camp’s medical team.
  • Staff will minimize activities outside of Camp during time-off on weekends.
  • All Senior Summer Staff will be first aid certified, MinistrySafe screened, and Camp Lebanon-prepared by two weeks of Staff Training before campers arrive.