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Our Story

A Shared Passion To Reach Kids For Jesus

Who could have dreamed nearly 75 years ago what God had in store for a special place called Camp Lebanon?  A local farmer and his preacher son. A group of twenty-four Bible-believing churches. A tree-covered peninsula on a beautiful central Minnesota lake. And a shared passion to reach boys and girls with the love of Christ. The year was 1947. The result was a summer youth camp given the name “Camp Lebanon,” inspired by Solomon’s use of the cedars of Lebanon to build the Temple of the Lord.
The original group of men and women from over 20 Minnesota Conservative Baptist Churches who purchased 46 acres on the north side of Cedar Lake from an Upsala banker named Axel Borgstrom didn’t know how far their dream would go! That effort, which created A Meeting Place with Godwas led by an Upsala farmer named Sidney Anderson and his son, Ray, who pastored a church in St. Cloud.

With a vision to provide summer camp ministries for youth in Minnesota, the Cedar Lake Baptist Assembly, Inc. was organized. Through six decades of camping seasons, Camp Lebanon’s facilities have been designed, built, and renovated. Programs have been launched, revised, and expanded to reach children, teens, families, and adults with the love of Christ.

A total of 146 children attended the first summer camps in 1947.  Now, 71 years and 65,000 youth campers later, Camp Lebanon is a regional, year-round “Meeting Place with God” for youth, families, and adults that serves over 10,000 guests each year. The 46 acres have become 140. The summer-only cabins are winterized, supplemented with dorm, RV, and hotel-like housing options. And dreams for a multi-purpose gym and lodge are alive and growing!
For a complete summary of Camp Lebanon’s history, click here.   Contact us to learn more about Camp Lebanon, and consider how you might help support the ministry.