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Youth Camps

Kids Love Camp.

From fresh-faced kindergarten graduates to pumped up high school students, young people across Minnesota and beyond discover and enjoy Camp’s amazing array of experiences.  Camp Lebanon’s upbeat and fun Christian environment is designed to give kids and teens the time of their lives while helping them grow and develop physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. Our team is committed to providing a complete youth summer camp experience.

Kids Need Camp.

More than ever, children and teens need a place like Camp Lebanon, with its beautiful lakeside setting and super fun programming. For one thing, kids need to play in God’s great outdoors and away from their screens. Youth also need to interact in person with other kids their age as well as with caring leaders. And even more, kids need to discover God’s truths about life, love, and true happiness.


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Why Camp Lebanon?


Our Summer Staff love kids, fun, and Jesus! And it shows in their energy, individual attention, and laughter! Your child will get to spend the better part of  a week with incredible young men and women who are “all in” making sure every camper has a summer highlight. Camp’s summer staff are hand-picked, well trained, and enthusiastic about supporting the mission of Camp Lebanon.


Camp Lebanon is committed to being unmistakably Jesus and uncompromisingly Biblical.  Campers will be introduced to Jesus and taught directly from Scripture about what it means to live life for Him!  


We know that safety is the most important thing we can provide for the 1800+ campers who join us each summer, and we are committed to making the Camp Lebanon experience safe and healthy for everyone.  Parents can rest assured that our team has plans and systems in place to keep campers safe and well during their time at Camp.


There is fun and then there is the “Funnest Fun!” Since 1947, Camp Lebanon has been famous for a wholesome, life-bringing enjoyment that creates life-long memories, inspires side-busting laughter, and encourages new experiences for campers young and old. Unlike a lot of what is pedaled on today’s screens, the fun experienced at Camp is unique, clean, and best enjoyed in a group!


Camp is loved for many things and tasty food is almost always near the top of the list! Thanks to the experienced chefs, there’s plenty of nutritious, great-tasting fare served out buffet-style. Guests can count on fresh fruits and vegetables plus the always delicious, heart-healthy oatmeal. Efforts are made to accommodate most food allergies through pre-camp communications.

“Am I in heaven?” a three-year wondered upon waking up at Camp Lebanon after a long car ride. Camp’s 143-acre site features forests, meadows, marsh, shoreline, bluffs, bullrushes, and more. A paradise for birds big and small, it’s also not unusual to spot a deer, muskrat, or barred owl on a hike along Camp’s two-miles of trails. Paddle at first light to capture the sunrise or trek to Bass Point for a first look at the stars. Whatever you do, be sure to quietly walk out onto the Beaver Point Boardwalk and be awestruck by lady slippers, painted turtles, or adorable baby loons.

For the past seventy-four years, Camp Lebanon has been a trusted “Meeting Place with God” and the source of “The Funnest Fun!” for thousands of guests each year. For many, driving into Camp Lebanon is like coming “home” where love and acceptance awaits. As active members of the Christian Camps and Conference Association dating back to 1959 and the Evangelical Council of Financial Accountability since 2001, Camp remains committed to operating a safe and clean year-round Bible Camp and retreat facility in the way that is fiscally responsible.

Camps Are Age Specific

Our summer camp weeks are categorized by the grade your child is entering the upcoming fall.  Visit the age-specific pages below to learn more, or check out our SUMMER CAMP CALENDAR to find the right session for you! 



The Camp Lebanon summer camp experience starts here with lots of fully supervised fun packed into a shorter session.
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Students in this super fun age bracket join camp’s super staff to experience four days and nights of super chapels, super crazy games, super cabin times, and other super exciting activities.
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Summer camp as a teenager: good times with old and new BFFs, great food, awesome activities, serious laughter, meaningful time with the Lord, and the best fun.
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The ultimate Camp Lebanon student experience is saved for last! Students in high school and recent grads will enjoy a week filled with unique events, adventure, challenges, and a few surprises.
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FAQS & Resources

We understand that sending your child to Camp for the first time is a big deal, so we want to make sure you have every opportunity to understand how a week of summer camp works and what ways you can best support your child!