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A summer job that makes a difference

Are you a college student looking for something to do over this summer? Do you want a summer job that makes a difference, connects you to God and others, and is the funnest fun you’ll have all year?  Spend a summer serving the Lord, surrounded by others who are growing in their faith and learning to love like Jesus!  As a part of our Senior Summer Staff team, you will be challenged in amazing ways as you get to pour into the lives of campers of all ages, through 10 weeks of summer camp.
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Maybe Week-By Week Counseling is for you!  If you are interested in being at Camp, but can’t commit to a full summer, check out the opportunity of coming up for 1-5 weeks throughout the summer instead!  Contact us with questions, or fill out the form!

Spend a summer serving the Lord

40 staff. 
1800+ KIDS.

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Why Work At Camp Lebanon?


Summer staff at Camp Lebanon teach children, run group games, lead teams, and build systems that keep campers safe.  As a member of the summer staff team, you will have opportunities for personal growth in an outdoor environment with super fun people who love to tell kids about Jesus.  You’ll be surrounded by an incredible group of staff who are all there to support and help you have the best summer possible.  God is faithful to change lives at Camp – the lives of campers and staff alike!  


There isn’t another job quite as fun as a summer camp job.  Spend time in the beautiful outdoors, right on a lake which offers scenic views, great fishing, and cold waters.  Go for a dip to cool off in the swimming area – maybe even do a belly flop and become the talk of Camp!  When you aren’t having active fun with campers, you might be chilling in the shade making friendship bracelets, or playing a game of carpetball in the air conditioned game room.  



Your work will make a difference in kids’ lives, as we welcome over 1800 campers to Camp this summer!  Our summer staff are able to have a direct impact on lives, helping kids grow closer to Jesus as they participate in cabin adventures, big camp games, and daily chapels.  No matter what your role on summer staff, you will be a part of Camp Lebanon’s vision of helping every guest experience the delight of being desired by their Creator God.

Staff Requirements

Applicants may apply to serve on Senior Staff under the following conditions:
  • If an applicant has successfully completed and graduated the LIT program, they may apply for Senior Staff the summer after high school graduation
  • If an applicant has not completed and graduated the LIT program, they may apply for Senior Staff the summer after their first year of college
*Camp Lebanon reserves the right to limit employment, teaching opportunities, and guest privileges based on Camp Lebanon’s doctrinal statement, policies, mission statement, and the Bible.

How To Apply

  1.  Have one personal reference ready.  You’ll need their email and phone number.
  2. Have one spiritual reference ready.  You’ll need their email and phone number.
  3. Complete our online application.  Use your personal email address.
Questions? Contact us here.

Want to serve at Camp, but can’t come for the full summer? You could be a Week-by-Week Counselor! Come for just a week at a time, helping meet Camp’s needs for that specific week.  This helps fill in any of the gaps that camp might have when counselors leave for their year-round responsibilities or time with their family. You are considered a week-by-week counselor if you work 1-5 weeks out of the summer. (Want to work more than 6 weeks? Apply for Summer Staff!). Spending even a couple of weeks at Camp this summer could make all the difference for the campers, and help us round out our summer staff team needs! Send in your form today!