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D3 Discipleship Training Program

D3 Discipleship Training Program
D3 is Camp Lebanon’s discipleship and training program, combining three programs into one dynamic training track for students who want to serve Jesus along side other youth. You can expect solid Biblical teaching, hands on ministry experience, and Camp Lebanon funnest fun–all while growing together with the rest of the D3 family. There are three stages of D3: SWEAT Team, Service Crew, and Leaders In Training.


Beginning at age 14, students are eligible to apply to SWEAT Team. This is a two week program that is designed to give an introduction to life at Camp Lebanon as well as to show the importance of living a Christ-like life. In this program, students will apply to work in one of three areas: Maintenance, Housekeeping, or Dining Hall. For the two weeks that the SWEAT Team member is at Camp, he or she will be assigned to a crew of five students who are all supervised by a Senior Staff member. Each person on SWEAT Team will learn the joy that can be found in doing hard work. They will also be discipled by their Supervisor and will take part in Bible study and fellowship with their SWEAT Team crew.

Requirements: Students must be a Christ-follower and at least 14 years of age


After completing SWEAT Team, students are eligible to apply for Service Crew. This is a two week program that allows SWEAT Team graduates to work in the two areas of Camp in which they did not work as a SWEAT Team member. For example, if a student worked in Maintenance on SWEAT Team, they will have the opportunity to work in Housekeeping and Dining Hall as a Service Crew member. The goal for Service Crew is to allows students to expand their skills by working in new and different areas of camp and to get to know other staff members. The Bible study time for Service Crew will focus on practical life lessons as well as how to live as a disciple of Christ.

Requirements: Students must be a Christ-follower and passed SWEAT Team


The third and final level in the D3 program is Leaders In Training (LIT). After completing two weeks of SWEAT Team and two weeks of Service Crew, 16 year-olds have the opportunity to apply for the LIT program. This is an intensive, three week program that is designed to train students to be counselors at Camp and Christ-like leaders in life outside of Camp. The first two weeks will be full of classroom and Bible Study that prepare students for week three: in-cabin experience as a Counselor in Training. LIT focuses on developing students to become leaders who will continue to be a devoted follower of Jesus.

Requirements: Students must be a Christ-follower, passed both SWEAT Team and Service Crew, and turn 16 years old before October 1, 2018

Important things to know before applying (and how to apply!)
Have one personal reference handy
You’ll need their email and phone number.
Have one spiritual reference handy
You’ll need their email and phone number.

Know the dates you want to work.

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Dates & Cost
/ session
Session #1
June 10-14 & June 17-22
Session #2
June 24-27 & July 1-6
Session #3
July 8-13 & July 15-19
Session #4
July 22-27 & July 29-August 2
Session #5
August 5-10 & August 12-16
Service Crew
volunteer basis
Youth Camps
Volunteer for any of the youth camps.
Family Camps
Help out during summer family camps!
/ 3 week session
Session A
June 10-14; 17-22; 24-27
Session B
July 1-19

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