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Camp Lebanon’s Mission & Ministry

Our Vision

Through the “funnest” fun, loving relationships, beauty inside and out, and Truth declared and illustrated, Camp Lebanon guests-both young and old-will taste the delight of being desired by their Creator God.

Our Mission and Statement of Faith

Camp Lebanon is dedicated to providing A Meeting Place with God to help the Church do the work of Christ.

Our Ministry Objectives


Respecting the Sovereignty of Almighty God and the realities of spiritual warfare, Camp Lebanon’s first ministry is PRAYER in and for all facets of Camp’s enterprise.


More than a DESTINATION, Camp Lebanon will be a BASE from which staff and guests will touch the world with the love of Christ.


In a world deceived by and lost in sin, Camp Lebanon’s message will be UNMISTAKABLY JESUS and UNCOMPROMISINGLY BIBLICAL… no matter the cost.


As servants of the CHURCH and allies of the FAMILY, Camp Lebanon will seek to forge dynamic partnerships with parents, pastors, and program leaders.


In serving the entire church community, Camp Lebanon will above all else love KIDS into the Kingdom, encourage FAMILY as God ordained it, and facilitate GUEST GROUP ministries.


Forever needing to trust God for every provision, Camp Lebanon will operate with full integrity within its means while keeping camp affordable, fully-staffed, and well-maintained. 

Our Beliefs & Philosophy

  • Camp is for the campers.
  • One person counts.
  • Campers must be shown before they are told.
  • It’s a “sin” to bore a camper.
  • We have no “problem campers”, only campers with problems.
  • Discipleship requires loving discipline.
  • Prayer really does change things.
  • An opportunity to commend should not be missed.

Our Core Values

Because camp ministry is “all about relationships,” Camp Lebanon is committed to:

  • God-honoring service
  • Christ-illustrating love
  • Excellence
  • Team unity
  • Celebration of God’s creation
  • Integrity in everything

Our Focus

The love of Jesus is served here.

Our Strategy

Christ illustrated and communicated in all of camping by a staff of fun-loving, God-honoring servants.



A Meeting Place with God