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“Woohoo” From You Know Who – June 2016

IMG_6895.JPGLadies, we interrupt your summer to bring you this exciting news!  Registration for all Camp Lebanon fall events is now officially open! Woo hoo!

Women of all ages are invited to get away from the “daily” distractions and duties of life at one (or more!) of seven fall retreat weekends.  Connect with God and others in a peaceful setting designed to offer relaxation, renewal, reflection and a refreshed encounter with the fullness of life that Jesus longs to give.

Too busy?  Too tired?  Too financially stretched?  Think again. Here are three good reasons why you need to shout “Retreat!” this fall.

  1. Retreat to hear God’s voice above the chaos and noise of everyday life. Camp Lebanon retreats are designed to provide “A Meeting Place with God” away from the call of chores, check lists and distractions in order to make space for God.  Believing God’s Word to be our source of wisdom, strength, and comfort in life, Camp offers dynamic biblical teaching, inspiring worship and practical workshops to equip for the everyday of life.  Carving out intentional time to listen to His Word can be a catalyst for spiritual renewal, personal growth and timely decision-making.
  1. 1 IMG_0932.JPGRetreat because we need each other, now more than ever! Today’s crazy busy, techno-driven world allows precious little time for women to truly connect. What’s missed is an opportunity to encourage and pray with each other, to share faith stories, and to gain insights and wisdom through God’s Word.  Hebrews 10:24 urges us to “spur on” one another in love and describes what happens when believers meet together to encourage a deeper love for God and a healthy accountability with one another.  Faith becomes contagious!  Standing together with our sisters in Christ while worshipping, praying, studying, and serving strengthens our faith and lightens our burdens.  Our thirsty souls are refreshed as we share in life’s struggles, victories and dreams. One woman put it this way: “I’ve never regretted attending a retreat, but I’ve often regretted not attending.” 
  1. 1 IMG_0923.JPGRetreat to “re-create” as a part of God’s design to refresh our bodies and restore our souls.
    According to one on-line dictionary, recreation is “a means of refreshment or diversion; a refreshment of strength after work.”  Activities such as crafts and quilting, exercise, hikes in God’s creation, exhilarating rides on a zipline, and even restful “down time” are channels through which depleted stores of physical and mental energies can be revitalized, recharged and invigorated.  And as the Bible teaches, laughter is good medicine (Proverbs 17:22).  Get your prescription filled where the “funnest fun” is found in abundance!

So, come and connect! Invite a friend or organize your group. Sign up soon and join us for a retreat at Camp Lebanon this fall.  And if you need some financial assistance, just give us a call. You’ll be glad you did!

– Lisa

Women’s Retreatsfull details & registration

Quilt Retreatsfull details & registration

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