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Camp Journal: Dock Day!

The Camp Lebanon waterfront finally looks ready for summer!  This past weekend, we had great help getting our swimming and fishing docks into Cedar Lake.  The whole process took just a few hours on Saturday morning – it went really quickly, even with a brand new dock to put together.

Before our guest groups had even started going through the breakfast line, our team of volunteers was all dressed up in their waders and starting to get into the chilly lake.  It was a team effort to load each dock section onto the back of the truck, carefully take it down the boat ramp and get it into the water.

Our new ‘F’ dock (‘F’ is for Fishing!) is very sturdy, and will be a fun new addition to our waterfront! 

With all the docks in the water, as well as the kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats, Cedar Lake is nearly fully equipped to welcome campers this summer (only a little more than a month away).  Our next order of business will be to get buoys and the water toys, like the Raft and Water Mats, into their places.  It’s only a matter of time before the lake will be alive with splashing and laughter!

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