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Meet the next group of our 2017 summer staff!

Name: Kenn McLeod
Age: 20
College: University of NW – St. Paul
Major: Business Administration & Entrepeneurship
Position: Audio-Visual Services/Tech Support
Favorite Bible Verse: Phil 2:5
Favorite Quote: Sic Parvis Magna – “Greatness from small beginnings.”
Favorite Hobbies: Legos, Frisbee, Video Games, and Swing Dance
Least Favorite Word: Loofa
Introvert or Extrovert: Ambivert
Best Vacation Ever: Yellowstone National Park
Favorite Kind of Cheese:  Meunster
Chipotle Order:  All of the chips & guac
Favorite Get-To-Know-You Question:  Name your top 3 hobbies/pastimes 
Name: Cameron Miller
Age: 18
College: NDSU
Major: Occupational therapy/
Position: Counselor
Favorite Bible Verse:  Philippians 2:3
Favorite Quote: “Look around. We’re one and
the same, same heart same
blood”. -Fives, Star Wars
the Clone Wars
Favorite Hobbies: Ultimate Frisbee, drawing,
photography, video games,
Least Favorite Word:  UP!!!
Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert
Best Vacation Ever: Ecuador
Favorite Kind of Cheese: Sharp
Chipotle Order: Burrito bowl, Steak, white
rice, black beans, sour
cream, cheese, fajita
veggies, chips.
Favorite Get-To-Know-You Question: Cuál es tu personaje
favorito de Star Wars? (Who
is your favorite Star Wars
Name: Mariah Simonson
Age: 25
College: Azusa Pacific University
Major: M.S. College Counseling and
Student Development
Position: Waterfront Supervisor
Favorite Bible Verse: Luke 15
Favorite Quote: You can’t stop the waves,
but you can learn to surf. –
Jon Kabat-Zinn
Favorite Hobbies: Running, volleyball, piano,
ukulele, knitting
Least Favorite Word:  Spike (when referring to
hitting a volleyball)
Introvert or Extrovert: Extrovert!
Best Vacation Ever: Hawaii when I was 15!
Favorite Kind of Cheese: Gouda
Chipotle Order: Chicken burrito bowl with
white rice, black beans,
lettuce, cheese, mild salsa,
and light sour cream
Favorite Get-To-Know-You Question: If you could swim in a pool
filled with anything what
would it be? (I choose
Name: Becca Deters
Age: 20
College: Augustana College
Major: Biology/ Pre-Vet,
Position: Lifeguard
Favorite Bible Verse: 1 Peter 1:8
Favorite Quote: “Yesterday is history,
tomorrow is a mystery, today
is a gift of God, which is
why we call it the present.”
-Bil Keane
Favorite Hobbies: Volunteering at animal
shelters, rollerblading,
Least Favorite Word: It depends on the day
Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert
Best Vacation Ever: Texas, summer of 2012
Favorite Kind of Cheese: Colby Jack
Chipotle Order: Burrito bowl with white rice
(extra), chicken, 2(large)
scoops of mild salsa, 1
scoop of hot, lettuce,
cheese, and chips and
guacamole on the side
Favorite Get-To-Know-You Question: If you could have any
useless superpower, what
would it be?
Name: Katie Ross
Position: Counselor
Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 46:11
Favorite Quote: Courage does not always
roar. Sometimes courage is
the quiet voice at the end
of the day saying “I will
try again tomorrow”.
Favorite Hobbies: Kayaking, being outside,
photography, going for
walks, puddle jumping, and
anything else outside.
Least Favorite Word:  Yep
Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert
Best Vacation Ever: Too many to
choose….whenever I found a
great place for espresso or
Favorite Kind of Cheese: Strong Australian cheese
Chipotle Order: Chicken burrito – shared
Favorite Get-To-Know-You Question: Fold or crumple (TP)?


Name: Cara Francisco
Age: 25
College: Grand Canyon University
Major: Secondary Education
Position: LIT Supervisor
Favorite Bible Verse: Psalm 34:18
Favorite Quote: My most recent favorite
quote is from one of the 9th
graders from my youth group.
“We are vegans every other
Thursday. I read once that
you have to take being a
vegan one day at a time, so
we chose every other
Favorite Hobbies: I don’t have a lot of
hobbies, but I really want
to be one of those people
with a really cool random
hobby like glass blowing or
whittling or something. In
reality though I watch
educational YouTube videos
and put glitter on things
that have no business having
sparkles, like a stapler. I
also decided to make mug
collecting into a hobby, but
mostly to justify buying so
Least Favorite Word: Bae
Introvert or Extrovert: Introvert
Best Vacation Ever: Virginia
Favorite Kind of Cheese: Pepper Jack
Chipotle Order: A burrito bowl with white
rice, no beans, chicken,
corn salsa and a tiny tiny
bit of hot salsa, sour
cream, cheese and lettuce.
Favorite Get-To-Know-You Question: What is your favorite sharp
Name: Mitch Young
Age: 20
College: I am in transition from
coming back from the Army,
and I am looking at being a
diesel mechanic.
Position: Lifeguard
Favorite Bible Verse: Isaiah 40:31
Favorite Quote: “There’s always a bigger
fish.” Qui-Gon Jin
Favorite Hobbies: Warhammer 40K
Least Favorite Word: Drop.
Introvert or Extrovert: Yes
Best Vacation Ever: Visiting the Red-woods in
Favorite Kind of Cheese: Pepperjack
Chipotle Order: I don’t really ever go to
Favorite Get-To-Know-You Question: What is your favorite Disney
Name: Emma Ramaley
Age: 22
College: Bethel University
Major: English Education
Position: Housekeeping Supervisor
Favorite Bible Verse: 1 John 3:1
Favorite Quote: Tell me, what is it you plan
to do with your one wild and
precious life? -Mary Oliver
Favorite Hobbies: I enjoy reading, exploring
new places, and playing
games with my friends and
Least Favorite Word: Crusty
Introvert or Extrovert: Extroverted
Best Vacation Ever: Barcelona, Spain
Favorite Kind of Cheese: Colby Jack
Chipotle Order: Chicken Burrito Bowl with
black beans, brown rice,
corn salsa, mild salsa,
guacamole, sour cream,
cheese, and lettuce.
Favorite Get-To-Know-You Question: What is the story of the
shoes you are wearing right
now? (Where did you get
them? How long have you had
them? Where is the most
exciting place you have worn
them? etc)
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