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Camp Journal: Disciples Discipling Disciples

Young people can begin their journey on our summer team as early as 14 years old, by applying to be a part of our D3 Program!

Many summer staff will tell you they dreamed of working at Camp Lebanon even as Super Kids.  It is no wonder so many campers continue on to work at Camp after they hang out with awesome camp counselors for a week and watch as the summer staff have fun while serving.


Young people can begin their journey on our summer team as early as 14 years old, by applying to be a part of our D3 Program! D3 stands for “Disciples Discipling Disciples,” and the vision of the program is to start a circle of influence that continues to grow and flourish as we follow God’s call to share the Gospel with the world!

There are three parts of the program: SWEAT Team, Service Crew, and Leaders in Training.  SWEAT Team and Service Crew see the behind the scenes parts of Camp, from washing dishes to mopping floors to scrubbing toilets.  These roles are so important to blessing our campers and guests with clean and well-cared-for facilities, and Camp strives to train up our D3 teams in an attitude of service and humility.  These are the backbone values to understanding leadership!

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Once a young person has graduated from both SWEAT Team and Service Crew, they are eligible to apply for our Leaders in Training (LIT) program (applicants must be 16+).  This is three weeks of intense classroom and hands-on training in how to be a leader, at Camp Lebanon and in the world in general.  Every Leader in Training will get the chance to spend a week in cabins as a Jr. Counselor, experiencing one of the most challenging and rewarding positions at Camp!  Upon graduating, LITs are welcome to apply to our Jr. Staff team, where they can return week after week to work as Jr. Counselors or in other positions behind the scenes (and get paid!).


Our D3 Program is growing each year, and we are so excited every summer to see the number of servant-hearted teenagers who desire to further God’s Kingdom and see Him work in the hearts of campers!  For more information on applying for D3, check out our website!

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