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2020 Ideas of the Year!

Here are our top 12 ideas from 2020! We hope this list makes you even more excited to stay connected with your friends here at Camp Lebanon.
It’s a good practice to look back from time to time and celebrate what the Lord has done. Reflecting on stories, growth, achievements, and impact can be really fun, too! Each year at Camp, our staff team submits nominations for the “Idea of the Year.” After a really challenging year, our team found a lot of joy and encouragement in remembering the positive things that also happened in 2020.
Here is a list of our top 12 ideas from 2020! We hope this list makes you even more excited to stay connected with your friends here at Camp Lebanon. These ideas aren’t listed in any particular order but if you read all the way to the bottom you’ll see which idea the staff voted to award as the “Idea of the Year!”

1. Scandinavia Renovation

Remember the old Scandinavia? Tired walls. Spotted floors. Cluttered kitchenette? Limited technology? Dim lighting? Us neither! Want a treat? Walk in behind a small group of returning guests and watch them light up as they take in the amazing transformation of this important facility. Modern looking carpet squares. LED lighting. Perfectly placed, super functional kitchen. Fresh painting all around. New flooring in the rooms. Upgraded fixtures.  Wow! Wow! Wow! Monte, thanks for the idea. And thanks, Facilities Team, for getting it done in time for winter retreats.     

2. Dining Hall Renovation & Main Hall Light Switch Out

Guests of all ages were blessed downstairs in the Dining Hall with a delightful fresh look, cool fans, mood setting lights, and a new water fountain. Quilters upstairs were blessed with light for their projects like never before. What’s more, Camp was blessed with new energy efficiencies up and down (= stretched ministry dollars). A big shout out to our talented Home Maker Over team led by Shane and Tony who doggedly determined to not waste a pandemic.  

3. Dwayne's Drain & Drainage Line

Going, going, gone are the days of a swamped wiffleball infield.  Gone like an evaporated puddle are the days of sand run offs into the lower field. Let it rain. Let it pour. We’re going to love these drains more and more!  Great job, Shane, Dwayne, and crew!

4. Camp LebanONLINE

Can’t come to Camp? No problem. Camp will come to you! Rich & Company (including dog, cat, and special guests) brought some much needed and much craved “funnest fun!” into the homes of hundreds of exiled families. (Is it true they’ve been nominated for a 2021 Emmy?)

5. Dorm Mattress Conversion

Can’t sleep? Try Camp’s new and improved dorm mattresses. Stuffed with sleep magic foam, the now soft and comfy beds have created a new problem. Guests seem to oversleep more, jeopardizing quilt projects and frustrating cooks! Watch out, My Pillow. Paulette and  Parker are out to put you out of business!

6. "I LOVE CAMP!" Campaign

With revenues down from a lost summer of youth and rental events, Camp needed a financial boost. Camp got a super-sized one from 200+ friends who, challenged by four families recruited to put up a $26,000 match, blessed the ministries with a $90,000+ late summer surge. Thanks, Bill, Lisa, and an amazing family of Camp donors!

7. "New" Lawnmower with a Bagger

It’s no secret. Our maintenance guys work hard but they needed help to complete their outdoor chores. What’s a Facilities Team to do? Hire a new leaf raker to join the crew! Hey! Somebody give that bagger a raise. Camp’s grounds heading into winter never looked better!

8. Wiffleball Home Run Derby

WOW! 12 hours. 6 hitters. 4104 homers. And $18,000+ raised for Family Resort scholarships and operations expenditures. Touch ‘em all, Camp Lebanon!  Touch ‘em all, Camp Lebanon! Another amazing display of the generosity of Camp’s friends.

9. 8x8 COVID-19 Phones

Who would have thought that the good idea to go digital with the phone system would transform into a brilliant idea when Camp was shut down and staff forced to work remote? The ability to zoom-conference made staff meetings and personal connections both feasible and fruitful. Who doesn’t love (and appreciate!) all those techy features: voice mail, video calling, caller ID, remote transfers, easy programming, call recording, auto attendance, and more! Kudos to 320.403.9516 and 320.403.9514 for dialing up a winner.

10. "Stuff Mart" Activity Center

Moving the rec equipment to a “Hub Central” location was a BIG WIN for families and staff alike at the Summer Family Resort. Great spot and a perfect location. At last, the Activity Center fulfilled its lifelong purpose as the center of all activity! A big WOO HOO to Rich and Mariah and their amazing team for organizing and serving out Camp’s “funnest fun!”

11. Summer Family Resort

The ultimate summer pivot, resorting (active!) to serve families was the right decision for families, staff, and Camp’s ministry and operations as a whole. The plan made cents financially, but more importantly Camp’s mission as a “Meeting Place with God” was uniquely and effectively fulfilled. A million brilliant ideas and an incredible all-in effort by the entire staff were needed to make Family Resort happen. Mission accomplished! Thanks, Lisa, Monte, and Parker, for opening the door and leading the way! Thanks, Managers Team, for the ultimate expression of “flexible excellence.”

12. Stairway to Heaven

The storage loft in Eagle’s Nest reached new heights in usefulness and efficiency with the installation of a real stairway. Improved accessibility and new shelving give the program team an ideal storage facility to step up their game! Way to go, Shane, Dwayne and crew!
And now, the for winner for 2020 Idea of the Year! Drum roll, please. [insert drum roll sound here] Congratulations to “Family Resort” for being chosen as the idea of the year. It was so sad to have summer youth camps cancelled, but such a joy to serve and love families all summer long at the Summer Family Resort.
We already some great ideas underway for 2021. Stay tuned!
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