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Sr. High, Day 2

Apologies for the delay in the blog post!  We have had a busy day!  Starting mid morning, all of camp treked to the North 40 for the Volleyball Tournament and recently returned for an afternoon of free time fun! (Volleyball photos coming soon!) 

Flashback to yesterday afternoon, campers had an opportunity to attend a clinic or seminar of their choice.  These cover different topics and skills that campers may find fun and helpful.


What Clinic or Seminar did your camper attend?  What did they learn?  Was there a specific skill or truth that stood out to them?

Free time soon followed with many opportunities for fun all around camp.  The day was on the cooler side so the raft and waterfront were not as busy but nearly all of the boats were afloat.  In a brief kayak trip around the lake, I encountered fisherman in a pontoon, kayakers, and paddle-boaters. The neighborhood loon also allowed me to approach on occasion and catch his good side.

Upon returning to shore, the staff had transformed into a staff on safari.  With a jungle theme announced campers headed to the dining hall for a dinner with salad and pizza.  After dinner, campers had time to work in their teams before evening free time around the hub.  The canteen is a favorite spot during evening free time, campers can pick out a sweet or salty treat and enjoy it with friends before jumping back into a game of 4 square.  This evening there is a surprise makeover happening at the canteen, check back tomorrow to hear about it!

After free time, campers headed to chapel where Jenni spoke about the purpose God has for each of our lives.  Many people see God as a high authority or supreme being but do not know he has many attributes and wants to be involved in the details of our lives.  He is love.  He is all knowing.  He is omnipotent.  He is kind.  There is so much to be known about him but sin has separated us from him.  How can we ever know this majestic, awesome, creator?  

We are promised hope, come back tomorrow to find out what Jenni shares tonight.

In the morning, campers kicked off the day with Polar Dip and a Morning Movement at the amphitheater.  Guys and girls split for chapel time this morning before everyone gathered and headed up the North 40 and the volleyball courts.

Keep praying for these campers!  We are so thankful they are here and are seeking God to touch each of their hearts!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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