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AUGUST 25-28, 2022

A reunion for the ages!

Remember when you were on summer staff? Take a second to reflect on the memories, growth moments, and silly times. Think about the friends who spent that summer at Camp with you. How fun would it be to get back together with some of those friends, relive past memories, and encourage one another again? Many staff alumni have been asking for a retreat like this and we’re so excited to see it happening at last!

Throwback photo from the 2011 Summer Staff team.
Fun Fact: Everyone in this picture is wearing Linda's clothes.

A full weekend of catching up.

This weekend is for those who understand that it takes more time than a quick conversation to truly catch up with friends. Camp will be throwing a 75th Anniversary Celebration on August 27th and we anticipate a lot of friends coming to join the party. But why not stay for a long weekend instead of just coming to Camp for the day? 3 nights, lots of Camp-cooked meals, chapels, and lots of the “funnest fun.” Invite your friends. We hope to see you there!

What makes Staff Alumni Weekend so special?


The #1 reason why this weekend will be so fantastic is because YOU and other staff alumni will be at Camp.  There’s never been a staff get together like this before, where you can enjoy time with your family and your friends.

  • swimming beach, manned by our safety-conscious lifeguards, is the perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday at Camp (no, Imholte won’t be checking you in at the Buddy Board).  Splash & play with little ones in the shallows, or pass your swimming test to go beyond the buoys to our two deep ends, including the water mats and diving raft!
  • Camp has a fleet of boating options for you to choose from: canoes, kayaks, pedal boats, and corcls!  
  • Pontoons are available for touring the lake or fishing – just pass a simple pontoon-driving class and take your family for a spin on peaceful Cedar Lake.
  • Speaking of fishing, there’s lots of great fishing to be had on the lake, including bass, panfish, pike, & walleye!
  • Bring your own boat and use our boat ramp and docking!
Staff Alumni (600x900)
  • Take a hike on one of our many trails, exploring every inch of this beautiful location, from Eagle Ridge to The Point!  Just ask a staff member about where their favorite places to explore are, or go on your own adventure!
  • Play carpetball, ping pong, pool, foosball, & frisbee golf.  
  • Lots of active play options as well, including volleyball, octoball, four-square, 9-square, soccer, & kickball!
  • Need to get some shopping done, or satisfy a sweet tooth?  Visit our Trading Post Gift Shop and Canteen!
  • Enjoy some of our “Funnest Fun” adventure options with your family, including the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline ($5) & Laser Tag ($10)!
  • Who knows, maybe we’ll throw in a Staff Variety Show just for fun, too!
Tony says you should be there!
Generous Financial Assistance

GENEROUS FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE is available for all youth, family, and adult events. A Financial Assistance Application will be sent upon email request or call the office. Please do not allow finances to be the reason for your family not attending Camp Lebanon!

Questions? Contact us here or call 320.403.9555.