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2022 Men's Retreat

Small Group Questions

  1. How hungry are you to sword train at this point in your life? Where are you at with the Bible? Be authentic.
  2. The sword of the spirit (Bible) and prayer are our offensive weapons, how well can you handle the sword and why?
  3. Do you have any reservations about God’s Word that keeps you from utilizing the weapon that it is?
  4. What other areas of your life receive more priority than engaging Gods Word?
  5. What has been your experience in training in the Bible with others in group environments verses training in isolation
Gospel Reflection: 
  1. Where are you? When it comes to life, the Bible, Jesus, etc. What did you bring to this retreat?
  2. Where does God feel distant? Where are you slow to believe? Where do you need help interpreting life in light of God? 
  3. Who/what helps you see Jesus as he is and his gospel as the very power of God? 
Gospel Application – Read Jonah 1 
  1. Expect to find Jesus and his story here – what do you see? How is Jonah a picture of Jesus in this passage? Read Matthew 12:40, how does Jesus read this story?
  2. Related to #1, where is the gospel in this passage? Where is the “good news”? What type of person receives the “news” at the end of the chapter? Why is that significant? How do we see human effort fail? Then, how are we left with the final, and better, word of the gospel?

1. How is the devil lying to you?
2. How can you grow in your love for Jesus Christ and your utter hatred of the devil and his minions?
3. If you were the devil, how would you attack you? Your church? How can others around you help you in this?
4. How is God calling you to go into the kingdom of darkness and trash the joint for His glory?
5. How are you longing for the Spirit of God to powerfully work in you this year?


1. Based on what I heard this weekend, what does God want me to do?
2. Who am I going to tell when I get home?
3. What does God want me to do in my family, my church, my work?