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“MARCH MADNESS!” Leaves Camp in Stiches

Quilt - march madnessIt’s called “March Madness!” The NCAA tourney to narrow a field of 68 to the Final Four is insane. Millions fill out (and tear up!) brackets. Productivity plunges. Sleep suffers. It’s fun. It’s crazy. And it’s often over the top.  Camp Lebanon has its own version of “March Madness!” We love to call it, “The Quilt Blessing!” Each spring, hundreds of women descend on Camp with cars and vans packed floor to ceiling with sewing machines, fabric, and dreams of completed projects. Thanks to expert instructors and resourceful shop owners, productivity surges. Sleep suffers and diets are suspended, but who cares? It’s fun. It’s crazy. And it’s a sweet joy!

This spring, over 425 women registered for four weekends and midweek sessions filled with fellowship, instruction, and spiritual inspiration. Unlike the NCAA tourneys, everyone drove away a “Woo Hoo!” winner!  They also returned home with an invitation to trust the Good Shepherd.  Employing a theme “Cloudy with a Chance of Manna,” women learned of God’s desire to turn “bricks” (bondage) into “bread” (life).  The same God who brought the Quilt - March madness 2Israelites out of Egypt and through the wilderness is the same God who provides us with our “daily bread.” What’s more, our Savior is himself “The Bread of Life.” And that’s really good news when life marches us into “madness!”

Next up on Camp’s quilt calendar is the second annual “Summer Sew!” set for June 5-9. Summer conditions open new opportunities for quilters, including pontoon tours, zipline rides, campfire fun, and a coach bus adventure to Brainderd/Nisswa. Interest is running high!  Click here for more details.

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