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Camp Journal: Building Quilts and Friendships

This past weekend, quilters bundled up against the cold temps and warmed up with hot coffee and sweet conversation.  They laughed (alot!), loved each other well, and made beautiful things together!  No wonder these ladies keep coming back and new friends find their way here! Everyone partakes in the joyful act of creating to glorify the Creator.

It’s impossible to miss the sense of community during a weekend at quilt retreat.  You see it in the groups that come together – mothers and daughters and grandmothers, sisters and cousins, roommates and friends.  Even those who make the brave step to come to the retreat alone, trusting that they will find connection and fellowship with others who share their love of quilting.  And the quilts themselves are a picture of the fellowship that is shared each weekend!

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While quilts are typically made by one person, they have been touched by many.  Whether someone helped you pick the fabric, assisted your decision making at the design wall, or gave you some thread when you ran out, quilts are a reflection of the people surrounding them as they were completed.  Even sharing the story behind the quilt brings others into the process of its creation. Quilt Retreats at camp are about being creative on your own and with others.

Quilt Retreats at Camp Lebanon are about so much more than cutting fabric and sewing it back together into beautiful patterns.  The ladies who come to do their creative work here in the fall and spring (and summer!) are also here to build relationships and form new ones.  All year long, at quilt camps and summer camps, women’s retreats and men’s retreats, Camp is a meeting place with God, and a meeting place with God’s people.

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