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UPDATE: Funnest Bracket Challenge

The first round of the Camp Lebanon Funnest Fun Bracket Challenge is in the books and 32 of Camp’s favorite summer things have been narrowed down to 16!  Winners of first round head-to-head matchups were determined based on a vote.  Votes were cast by those submitting a bracket in this year’s competition.  77 people are competing in this inaugural year of March Craziness.March Craziness
The Sweet Sixteen, Elite Eight, Final Four, and Championship matchups will happen LIVE during the Camp Rally at Camp On Wheels, March 18th @ 3 PM at Meadow Creek Church in Andover.

WARNING: Puns ahead.


#1 Praise God Echo – 51  #8 Medallion Hunt – 26

As expected, the “Praise God!” Echo came through with a reverberating win. Medallion Hunt just couldn’t find its game, oftentimes appearing clueless out there.

#4 Camp Food – 67   #5 Frisbee Golf – 10

This wasn’t even a contest, as Camp Food scraped the plate of Frisbee Golf, which put in an above par performance. Too many “seconds” chance points.

#3 Diving Raft – 54   #6 Sandpit Dodgeball – 23

This legendary Diving Raft team is poised to make a splash in this year’s tournament after successfully taking out the Dodgeball squad.

#2 Gorilla Gets The Man – 54    #7 Crafts – 23

Gorilla has experience in head-to-head matchups and that was obvious as Crafts couldn’t manage to piece together much of a fight, before eventually becoming completely unglued.

#1 Praise God Echo vs. #4 Camp Food
#3 Diving Raft vs. #2 Gorilla Gets The Man


#1 Carpetball – 62    #8 Catching Turtles – 15

Carpetball proved its five-star rating by outracing the Turtles. No contest no matter how you try to set it up.

#4 Ringing The Bell – 41    #5 Mail Call – 36

Sometimes Mail Call puts on an awesome show and other times it just flops.  In this case it came up short and couldn’t close the gap before the final bell rang.

#3 Boating – 45    #6 Hike To The Point – 32

The starting lineup of Sailing, Canoeing, Kayaking, and Pedal Boating was on point and held off a calm and peaceful Hike To The Point team.

#2 Swimming Buddy – 42    #7 Roller Slide – 35

Wonder no longer, Swimming Buddy is coming back for another match in the Sweet Sixteen. But it was a bumpy ride and was hilarious to watch.

#1 Carpetball vs. #4 Ringing the Bell
#3 Boating vs. #2 Swimming Buddy (song)


#1 Canteen – 66    #8 Flag Raising – 11

Flag Raising’s hopes have been completely lowered after a sweet, energy filled performance by the Canteen. This win sure hit the spot.

#5 Pharaoh Pharaoh – 40    #4 Octoball – 37

A strong last stanza bridged the gap for Pharaoh to wave goodbye to Octoball, completing a stunning upset. Octoball is going absolutely gaga after losing what they for sure thought was a game in hand.

#3 Fishing – 50    #6 Tree House – 27

Tree House couldn’t find its trap (door) defense like it used to and it took the bait, as Fishing snagged a solid win.

#2 Lion Hunt – 44   #7 Paintball – 33

The Lion Hunt survived a legitimate scare in the first round, but it turned out to only be Paintball’s shadow. After a strong start, Paintball fell splat in the second half.

#1 Canteen vs. #5 Pharaoh Pharaoh
#3 Fishing vs. #2 Lion Hunt


#1 Swimming – 70    #8 Sleeping in Cabins – 7

Swimming passed the test and won in a first rounder sleeper.  Sleeping in Cabins didn’t even manage to reach double digits as the majority of its team is still enjoying the nice mattresses.

#4 Screamin’ Eagle Zipline – 61    #5 Polar Dip – 16

The Polar Dip fans got a lolly pop for attending the game but the Screamin’ Eagle Zipline launched to a spectacular, thrilling win. Look out below!

#3 Chapel – 61   #6 Beaver Point Boardwalk – 16

Beaver Point Boardwalk didn’t look like a complete team, essentially giving up at the halfway point of this one. Chapel definitely had the stage and taught the challenger a good lesson.

#7 Four Square – 40   #2 Camp Lebanon Oatmeal – 37

Four Square isn’t ready to just be a thing of the past just yet, as it played King in a match up over the world famous and well established Camp Lebanon Oatmeal. Fans are raisin questions about the amount of brown sugar the Oatmeal team was allowed to have before the game.  This was a shocking upset and isn’t healthy for the heart.

#1 Swimming vs. #4 Screamin’ Eagle Zipline
#3 Chapel vs. #7 Four Square


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