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Camp Journal: Getting Crafty!

One of the best places to hang out during a week of summer camp is the Camp Lebanon Craft Room!  

One of the best places to hang out during a week of summer camp is the Camp Lebanon Craft Room!  Every summer has classic crafts and exciting new ways to be creative, from making a friendship bracelet to painting a rock to making a colorful hat!

Every summer, our Craft Coordinator gets to organize the Craft Room and make it their own.  They come up with new crafts to try out, but keep lots of the old classics on hand too!  Everyone can color, draw, and finger paint for FREE!  Instead of painting on paper, sometimes you can paint a rock – if you put a pair of googly eyes on it, it becomes a “Pet Rock!”  You can use your Canteen card to purchase your craft supplies for whatever other project you want to try.

One of the most popular crafts during the summer is making a Tie-Dye Shirt.  You can purchase a shirt from Camp, or you can bring your own white piece of clothing (even socks!).

The Craft Room is open during Free Time every day, and is a great place for creative people to get their hands dirty making stuff.  Counselors and campers get to hang out, cool off, and have good conversations all while exercising their creative muscles or learning a new skill.  And our Craft Coordinator is always on hand to help if anyone has any questions or wants to try something particularly crazy!  The sky’s the limit when your imagination and creativity are involved!

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