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Family Camp Fun

A blog post summarizing the weekend of Family Camp and celebrating the start of Family Camp Week at Camp Lebanon

We love Family Camp here at Camp Lebanon, and we were blessed to have a weekend full of spending time with some amazing families. It was our third annual Summer Fun Family Weekend, and we are thankful for all of the new and returning families that came to share the funnest fun with us and each other.

This rejuvenating weekend was full of laughter, learning, and reconnecting with family, and it was complete with a celebratory fireworks show.


Although we’re sad that our Summer Fun Family Weekend is over, we are rejoicing with the start of Family Camp Week! As the families that were here for the weekend made departed for home, another group of amazing families arrived for a week full of relaxation and reconnection.

Some highlights that we’re looking forward to this week include our Family Camp traditions; soccer, a variety show, boat races, and a carpetball tournament are all family favorites. We are also looking forward to some 4th of July festivities, including Grandma Sandy’s swim across the lake!

Camp Lebanon is a meeting place with God, but it is also a meeting place with families; we are looking forward to seeing families come together this week for quality time and quality fun.

Here is a link to the Facebook album with more pictures from the weekend: Summer Fun Family Weekend

Tune in to Camp’s Facebook page at the end of the week for pictures from Family Camp Week!

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