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Mother Daughter – What You Sow Is What You Grow!

As we look at all of the fun photos from our Mother, Daughter, Grandma (& Great-Grandma!) Retreats at Camp Lebanon, we are so thankful that we got to enjoy these weekends with so many incredible moms, daughters, grandmas, great-grandmas, and aunties! With an inspiring theme of “What You Sow is What You Grow,” we got to experience a fun-filled and fruitful weekend of growth, laughter, and memorable connections. Thank you to our speaker, Maryn Post, whose insights and stories reminded us of the “seeds” we sow in our lives and the “harvests” they will produce in our hearts!  (See Maryn’s notes below!)

Maryn Post’s messages:


FRIDAY:  Maryn shared some of the things in her life that help her grow in her relationship with God and with others!  Do you remember what they were?!  What are some things in YOUR life that help you grow in similar ways?

SATURDAY morning:  Maryn showed a green “heart garden” that we got to fill in with examples of good seeds and bad weeds.  Make your own heart garden!  What do you want to ask God to help you grow and what weeds need to be pulled up?  Maryn reminding us that we need TWO things to grow healthy gardens:  Good Seed and Good Soil.

SATURDAY evening:  In this chapel session, Maryn showed pictures of her backyard!  What came up naturally was thistles and weeds and it took a lot of work and time to clean it up.  In a similar way, SIN is what naturally comes up in our hearts.  None of us has good seed or good soil.  But God’s seed (Jesus!) conquers sin and death and gives us hope!

SUNDAY:  In our final chapel with Maryn, she reminded us of this truth:  “What I sow is what I’ll reap.  Good growth takes more than a week! (or a weekend!)”  We are continually being made new and good seed and good growth will come as we stay connected to God.  We grow the fruit of the spirit in our lives through His Word, in praise and prayer, and in fellowship and friendship with others who love God (while still loving and caring for those who are not walking with God).

An Action-Packed, Unforgettable Weekend


The retreat was a blast, with action-packed laser tag battles, exciting zipline rides, crazy games with Bobber Bill, and then “s’more” adventures around the campfire with Gorilla Gets the Man (or Mom!) and the Lion Hunt. From bouncing on the brand new Jump Pad, to getting crafty in the Dining Hall, to embarking on a Seed Adventure Activity, there were so many unforgettable moments, all bonding moms and girls together!  Some of you tried eating with chopsticks for the first time. And some of you even braved the cool waters of Cedar Lake for a POLAR DIP!

Looking ahead to next year, we are already counting down the days until we can come back together at Camp for another Mother Daughter Retreat! We can’t wait to see everyone again for another round of laughter, adventure, and cherished moments together.

Save The Dates!

Mark your calendars for Mother, Daughter & Grandma Retreats 2025!

Retreat 1: May 2-4, 2025
Retreat 2: May 9-11, 2025

Our photographers captured SO MANY amazing photos from the two weekends of Mother Daughter.  You can find them all at these links!

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