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10 Reasons to Come to Camp On Wheels!

10 Reasons to Come to Camp On Wheels 

Get ready for Summer Camp! We had so much fun at last years Camp On Wheels at Meadow Creek Church in Andover that we decided to do it again this year.  Don’t worry about packing your bags and driving up to Camp Lebanon – we are bringing Camp Lebanon to you!  Here are 10 Reasons to Come to Camp On Wheels:

1) FREE summer camp fun for the kids

It’s the perfect Saturday of Camp Lebanon fun – wear your Camp gear, and get ready for some awesome (and FREE!) Funnest Fun!  Preview all the fun your kids can have at summer camp!

2) Octoball, 9 Square, Dodgeball, Basketball, Carpetball, and more!

3) Ice cream cones.

There’s always room for ice cream!  Especially FREE ice cream!

4) Crazy Summer Games with Bobber Bill

This is exactly what it sounds like – head to the gym and play some really crazy games with our Executive Director, Bobber Bill!  Races, relays, and other craziness awaits, and it’s just a preview of the fun kids get to have during a week of youth camp!

5) Camp Rally that includes singing with Rich & Jackson

It wouldn’t be Camp On Wheels without some really fun camp songs!  Get your arms limbered up for all the actions to the songs you know and love!  Join us for a Rally, where our Director of Youth Ministries, Rich Olson, and his Assistant Director, Jackson Standafer, will lead us in fun songs and worship.


6) See the design for the new Gym & Lodge Camp is dreaming about!

We can’t wait to fill you in on the exciting things that God is doing at Camp Lebanon.  See the reveal of the designs for the new Gym and Lodge – we can’t wait for you to see what we are planning in the next few years!

7) Camp Store items for sale at 40% of their regular price

This is your chance to get in on some great deals.  Pick up some of our favorite Camp swag and grab a gift for your friends and family – all at a huge discount!

8) Be a part of Camp Lebanon’s Funnest Bracket challenge

Have you filled out your Camp Lebanon Funnest Bracket yet?  Get your bracket in by March 16th to be entered to win one of our 3 prizes – 1st place: $100 credit to a Camp event; 2nd place: Camp Hoodie or Blanket; 3rd place: Camp Coffee Mug!

9) Get a coupon code for a Summer Camp Youth Discount

This will be the best offer for summer youth camp that you can find!  Don’t miss out!

10) Connect with other friends from Camp

More than anything, Camp on Wheels is a great chance to connect with other families who love Camp!  Ask lots of questions, make some connections, and hang out with old friends.  We love getting to travel to see you, and we can’t wait for you to join us at Meadow Creek Church on March 17th!

3:00 PM – Doors open!
3:15 PM – Crazy Games with Bobber Bill (also other games available)
4:15 PM – Camp Rally (songs, games, giveaway, bracket challenge, gym plans!, devo)
5:15 PM – Ice Cream. Canteen. Store.
6:00 PM – See you at Camp!
What:  Camp On Wheels
When:  Saturday, March 17th from 3 – 6 PM
Where:  Meadow Creek Church
Cost:  FREE (for everyone!)
You don’t have to register in advance, but we’d love it if you took a second to RSVP for FREE.

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