Kickoff for Adventurers 1!

The youngest group of campers we get this summer are here and we are beyond excited to get to know them and have lots of fun!

The youngest group of campers we get this summer are here and we are beyond excited to get to know them and have lots of fun!

Campers got to meet their counselors as they moved into their cabins and went through the check-in process. Some campers took the opportunity to take their swim test today after they checked-in.

Once everyone was settled in, the campers were gathered at the Amphitheater to be introduced to the program staff and find out who their cabin friend is. Then, staff members acted as the “Color Guard” to show the campers how we do flag lowering every day and how to properly fold our country’s flag.

We then got to have a picnic dinner. The campers ate with their cabins and chose a spot outside to enjoy their meal and get to know one another.

After dinner, campers went inside to learn about the camp rules, and then we had worship and chapel time. Our very own Bobber Bill will be the chapel speaker this week. Today, he talked about how God is an all powerful, all knowing, all present, all loving, and all holy king. He also taught the campers 1 Timothy 1:17 and some actions to go with it.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper if they remember the actions for 1 Timothy 1:17. Pick another verse for them to learn and come up with some actions together!

Campers were then had a little free time to get treats at the canteen and play things like Octoball, Nine-square, and draw with sidewalk chalk.

Afterwards, campers came back inside to watch a few skits put on by the staff. Hopefully, they got their giggles out so they will be ready for bed tonight!

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what their favorite skit was! If they want, have them act it out for you!

Campers are having their cabin devotionals and then they will get some rest for their first full day tomorrow!

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Adventurers 1 – Photo Album

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