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Morning of Adventure!

We had an awesome morning with these campers!

We had a great first night with the Adventurers 1 group, and so far, we have had a great first day!

This morning the temperatures were a little cooler, which made the polar dip live up to its name! The polar dip is an optional opportunity to start your day off by jumping in the lake. If campers do it every morning, they will win a prize on our closing day.

After polar dip, there was flag raising and breakfast. Then, campers were sent to clean their cabins before everyone gathered to take our whole camp picture! Every camper will be sent home with a printed off picture, but here is a silly sneak peak!


Can you spot your camper?

Campers then had Option time. Staff members led different activities for them to choose from.


Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what they got to do during Options time. Is it something you can do as a family?

After, campers went inside for worship and chapel time. Bobber Bill told the story of Daniel in the Lions Den (found in Daniel 6).


Take Camp Home: This week, the campers are learning about how God is the King of all. Ask your camper how to do the “Long Live the King!” chant.

Then, campers got to play a fun game where they collected random items from their cabin and got points for having certain things. They also got to dress their counselor in the objects to win points.


Lunch came next, followed by an interesting game of Mad Libs. Campers filled in the blanks and staff members came on stage to act out the story that they created.


Campers are now enjoying toes up time. During this time, everyone has to be quiet so they can relax and maybe take a nap to have energy for the rest of the day.

Check back in tonight to hear about the rest of our day!

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Adventurers 1 – Photo Album

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