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A Super Day with Super Kids

I am sad to say that today was our last full day of hanging out with these awesome Super Kids, but we still had a super fun day!

I am sad to say that today was our last full day of hanging out with these awesome Super Kids, but we still had a super fun day!

In last night’s chapel, we talked about how Jesus wants all of us to be at His table and how He sacrificed himself as our substitute so that we can be with Him forever. Staff members helped act out the story of Peter meeting Jesus (found in John 1:40-42). Then, campers had an opportunity to talk with their counselors about asking Jesus to be their savior.

This morning started like normal with polar dip, flag raising, memory verse actions (Colossians 3:14), breakfast, and then morning chapel. In morning chapel, the campers heard the Parable of the Unforgiving Servant (found in Matthew 21-35). Then, they had some time in their cabins to talk about the story together.

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper to go through the actions of their memory verses from the week (Colossians 3:12-14). Then, choose a different verse to learn and see if you can come up with your own actions!

Then, they had some morning free time before TAC time! Today was the campers last rotation of TAC time, and they should have gotten through all six stations.

After TAC time, we had lunch, and then it was time for another round of Mad Libs!

Campers were then dismissed to their cabins for mail and an extra long Toes up Time! Once Toes up Time was over, it was free time!

Take Camp Home: Ask your camper what their favorite free time activity was and why. Maybe it’s something they can do at home!

When free time ended, campers went to the Amphitheater for flag lowering before dinner! After dinner, we had evening chapel. During chapel tonight, we talked about God commissioning us with power (The Great Commission, found in Matthew 28:18-20). Staff members helped act out the story of Saul when he was persecuting the new church and when Jesus met him and commissioned him.

Take Camp Home: See if your camper remembers the 5 rules of the Lord’s Table.

Take away for this week: “There is a great table in a great kingdom ruled by a great and good King, and there is room at the table for every one- even me!”

Now, campers have some free time until the campfire tonight! In tomorrow’s blog, I will touch on the campfire activities and post some pictures from the night. After the campfire, campers will go back to their cabins for devotionals before bed.

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Super Kids 2 – Photo Album

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