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Junior High 1 – Rainy Days are the Funnest Fun!

In Chapel last night, we learned that God reconciles all things through Jesus.  Mark taught in part from Colossians 1:15-21, which talks about Jesus as “the firstborn of all Creation,” and how “all things were created through him and for him.”  This includes us, the crown jewel of Creation!  But verse 21 also includes us – we were separated from God when we disobeyed, but we can be reconciled to God through Christ’s death on the cross.  Now, we are called to help others reconcile with Him!

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper to tell you the story that Mark told about someone being reconciled with God.  Read 2 Corinthians 5:17 with your camper.  In what ways do they see themselves being a new creation?  Talk about what it means to be an ambassador for Christ.  How can we take God’s reconciliation to others?

Good morning from the last full day of Junior High 1!  The day started off a bit cloudy and breezy, but campers still showed up for Polar Dip.  Then on to breakfast, TAG Time, Morning Chapel, and Morning Free Time!  After a delicious lunch of hamburgers, french fries, salad & chocolate malts, campers had Mail Call and Clinics & Seminars.  In today’s last round of seminars, campers had the choice to attend several different options, including “Environmentalism,” “Stewardship,” “Identity,” “Missions,” and a Q&A with the speaker, Mark (plus many more!)

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper what seminars they attended during their week at Camp.  What were their favorite topics?  Did they learn anything that they had never known before?  Is there anything that they want to pursue further?

Then it was Free Time!  It was a rainy day today, but since there was no thunder or lightning, campers could still enjoy the zipline and waterfront.  And they did!  It was a pleasant, warm rain, which actually seemed to add a bit of fun to lots of the activities of the day.  The Craft Room was very busy during Free Time as well, with a few free crafts that our Craft Coordinator had prepared.

The 4 o’clock Option was a game of Pass-It Pictionary in the chapel, where it was nice and dry.  Campers could also add to the finger-painting on the backdrop of the Chapel!  Other campers that wanted to stay out of the rain played carpetball, pool, and ping pong in the game rooms or under the awning of the Chalet, while others had some time in their cabins.  Then it was dinner time.  The last night is Pizza Night!  Campers had the choice between meat & cheese pizzas, some yummy salad, and cheesecake for dessert!

Then it was time for Chapel.  Mark talked about what it looks like to go home from an experience like these campers have had at Camp Lebanon.  When they are here, they are surrounded by other believers who can encourage them in their faith.  That isn’t always true when they are away from Camp.  Mark wanted to encourage these campers to do two things: 1) Choose their friends wisely (Prov. 13:20), and 2) Get involved in a great community.  He challenged campers to find good friends who can walk with them in their faith.  And, because we are made to be in community (Gen. 2:15-18), he also encouraged them to find a community to invest in, whether at their church or youth group or a mission field.

TAKE CAMP HOME:  Ask your camper to tell you more about their experience at Camp.  In what ways was it a “mountaintop experience?”  How can they practically take steps to continue to grow in their faith this year?  Ask them how you can help.  Then read 1 Corinthians 12 (specifically verses 7, 12, & 26-27).  Talk about what it means to be a part of the Church, and what gifts your camper might have to bring to their community!

Then the grand finale of the week of summer camp – the Campfire Trek!  Since it has been raining all day, the ground is too wet for a real Campfire at Bass Point.  But that doesn’t stop us from having the traditional campfire!  The staff set up the chapel like a campfire, with a giant “campfire” projected on the screen and the same fun staples like crazy camp songs, the Lion Hunt, and a word from our speaker.  It’s always a fun time, no matter the weather.

Tomorrow is the last day – parents are arriving so soon to pick campers up and bring them home.  It’s been an amazing week, and we can’t wait to share all of the memories with you through a video of the week and the photo album.  And more than anything, we’ve learned so much this week about our Awesome Creator and His love for us.  We pray that these campers would take the things they’ve learned back to their homes, and continue living for Jesus in their own communities!

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