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Super Kids 2 – Day Five

Today is the last day of Super Kids 2!  Campers celebrated an amazing week with the epic Campfire Trek last night.  It was a beautiful night at the fire, singing songs, playing Gorilla Gets the Man, hearing more from Maryn, and shouting the Praise God yell across the lake.

Parents arrived for the Closing Rally, to watch the video of the week and slideshow.  Then we all headed out onto the Steps of Faith for the rally.  Campers who did the Polar Dip every day of the week got prizes, and we gave out prizes for the biggest fish caught.  Campers got to show off the actions to the different camp songs they had learned, including the Hippopotamus song.  We heard more from our speaker, Maryn, too!

Every Closing Rally, we take a Love Offering for another Camp somewhere in the world.  For years, Camp Lebanon has been supporting camps in Ukraine.  Campers and parents were so generous to give to these Camps, and all of their gifts go directly there.

Then it was time for pies to fly!  Campers say verses all week long, and if they can memorize them and recite them to their counselor, they get their name in the bucket to pie a staff member of their choice.

It has been an incredible week of Camp!  We are already missing these great 3-6 graders, and we can’t wait to hang out with them again next summer.

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Super Kids 2 – Facebook Photo Album

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