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Camp Bought a Tent!

The need for families and campers to spend time away at Camp has never been greater, but the importance of safety during a pandemic still remains essential.

We are so excited to have youth campers back at Camp this summer! Parents must be eager, too, as registrations have topped 85% capacity!  Although Camp will look a little bit different this year, with a focus on cabin “pods” and more outdoor activities, we believe the impact will be significant on the lives of many campers.  Recent studies conducted by CCCA (Christian Camp & Conference Association) showed that only 20% of youth camper parents indicated their child was in a healthier or equal state than they were pre-COVID. That means 80% of kids have been negatively impacted during COVID!  When it comes to families, 64% of families said their stress levels were “a little worse” than before COVID and 10% said stress levels are “much worse.” Even more, screen time has risen significantly. Parents list “growing in their faith” as the #1 reason they want their kids to come to Camp, but “time away from screens” and “time spent outdoors” are a close second and third. 

Balancing the need for Camp and the importance of safety.

The need for families and campers to spend time away at Camp has never been greater, but the importance of safety during a pandemic still remains essential.  Does Camp have to choose one or the other, or is there a way to balance both objectives?  Our staff team believes there is a way to accomplish both and a big part of our strategy was to buy a “new” 40’ x 100’ tent! The atmosphere will be super fun, open air, and fully equipped with lights & sound. The extra space will allow 180 kids each session, and 300+ during gatherings. Though a bit shy of past capacities, that’s really, really close to normal.  The tent will also allow for larger family and rental retreats, which will be a huge blessing to everyone involved. Thanks for praying us through these challenging times!

How is Camp going to pay for the tent?

Camp was able to save a big chunk of money by buying the tent used instead of brand new.  But once you add up the cost of the tent, equipment, lights, stage, and labor, the total comes to nearly $15,000!  So how does Camp plan to cover the cost? Through a 12 hour wiffleball homerun marathon!  The 6 sluggers who teamed up last year to help Camp raise money for startup Family Resort costs are back again, this time with the goal of raising $25k to cover the cost of the tent and to raise money for scholarships.  Last year, they hit 4,104 homeruns and we were blown away by the response of friends who love Camp and pledged gifts. We are praying for a similar response this year. Follow the button below if you’re interested in pledging a donation per homer or if you want to learn more about the event.

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