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Super Kids 2 – Day 4

As we look back through time, John’s gospel and the first chapters in Genesis show us God as our Creator.  Revelation tells us that God is our Victor and He will return!  Last night at Chapel, campers learned how God is our Mighty Savior!  Romans 3:23 says “all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God.”  We have all gone off the path and are separated from God.  But, there is good news!  God loves us so much, He sent his Son to become a man and die in our place, taking our sin upon him.  Maryn shared Romans 6:23b with campers, “but the free gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

We must take action.  Just like a man who wanders off a trail in the mountains has to accept help when rescuers come, we have to say “Yes!” to Jesus as he offers us salvation.


Many campers made decisions to follow Christ this week!  Ask your camper to share something that learned about God with you!

This morning was the last day for Polar Dip this week.  Attendance was still strong and there will be many prizes to share tomorrow!

During morning chapel, Bobber Bill shared a story about a King and his son and all the animals he had created.  Campers saw the gospel woven into the story and drew parallels with the Bible.  Ask your camper to share the story with you!

After a tasty lunch with hamburgers, tator tots, veggies and fresh fruit, campers gathered at the Amphitheater again to see what our heroes were up to.  They were called on a mission but sadly, by the time they arrived a “very nice man” had already helped where it was needed.  Our heroes are bound to find a way to help soon!

Campers enjoyed some extra Toes Up Time as they rested for an hour this afternoon.  Then it was back to playing as everyone spread out around Camp for some free time fun!  


Cabins have been able to enjoy the Zipline and Laser Tag throughout the week.  Ask your camper about their adventure!

The Craft Room has been busy all week as campers have used their creative skills to make beautiful crafts!  Campers could make fun Tie-Dye shirts or personalize shadow boxes among many other options!  This is a great spot for one-on-one time with counselors! 

This evening campers gathered for Chapel and will be heading to Bass Point soon for the Campfire.  We’re looking forward to sharing more from our evening with you tomorrow!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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