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Super Kids 2 – Day 3

Last night at Chapel, Maryn asked a volunteer to come onstage and identify the three different forms of water while being blindfolded.  Water can be a solid, liquid, or a gas.  Just like water has three different states, God can exist in the past, present and future.  We turned from Genesis to Revelation and saw God present and working throughout the course of history.  What a wonderful truth to know he does not change!

Campers started off their day with the Polar Dip this morning before flag raising at the Amphitheater.  We learned the next verse of this week’s memory passage, Titus 2:11-13. 

Campers did a morning movement to help stretch and wake up.  After finding out there were eggs, hash browns and donuts along with strawberries and oatmeal for breakfast, everyone headed to the dining hall, ready to eat!


Campers have been learning the actions for the memory verse this week.

“For the grace of God that brings salvation, has appeared to all people, and it teaches us to say no to ungodliness but yes to living self-controlled, upright and Godly lives in this present time, while wait for the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ.”

Titus 2:11-13 (Camp Lebanon Version)

Ask your camper to teach you the actions!

Campers went to morning Chapel where they broke out into cabin groups and read the story of Shadrach Meshach and Abednego in the fiery furnace.  They found it in the Bible, practicing what we learned yesterday, and talked about how to apply it to our lives today.  God’s Word is amazing because the stories it holds from thousands of years ago are about the timeless as they teach us how to walk by faith in our daily lives!

After Chapel, campers had option time where they could play at different areas around Camp!  Some played Octoball while others created drawings with chalk or went fishing.  Campers could also take the trek over the Land Bridge to try Archery and BB guns!

After lunch, (Taco salad on Taco Tuesday!) campers enjoyed another skit with our heroes.  They did have another opportunity to complete a mission but unfortunately they were unable to.  A “really nice, really kind man” helped when our heroes couldn’t complete the task.  We don’t know who it was but maybe our heroes will have another chance at a mission tomorrow.

As it warmed up this afternoon, it was time to cool down with the Splash Dash!  Campers traveled as cabins to different stations around camp completing different activities that may have left them, or their counselor, more wet than before.  Similar to Amazing Race, campers collected a token at each station and had to be the first to complete all of the stations in order to win.  Everyone enjoyed the fun activities and the opportunity to cool off!

With the warm weather today, campers took full advantage of the water front and enjoyed the water toys!  The Raft was a favorite as campers flipped off the diving boards and tried out the water slide.


Campers got to do so many fun activities during the Splash Dash.  Ask your camper to tell you about some of them!  Which one was their favorite?!

For dinner, everyone enjoyed a great meal with BBQ chicken, mashed potatoes, cooked carrots, salad, corn muffins and chocolate cake!  What a dinner!  All fueled up, campers gathered on the lower field for an evening of fun at the Carnival!!  There were so many fun games to play and campers earned tickets that they could spend on hair chalk or dunking a staff member at the dunk tank!  

Oh, there’s the bell!  Time for evening Chapel!  We’ve had another fun day at Camp!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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