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Super Kids 2 – Day 2

Ding Di-ding, Di-ding, Di-ding!  Seven bell rings meant it was time to rise and shine!  For brave campers, the morning bell was the signal to gather at the Water Front for Polar Dip!

Almost half of this week’s Super Kids jumped in the lake for Polar Dip.  The general consensus was, “It’s not too cold.”  Some found it refreshing while others said it was warm – a rare description for a lake in the North Woods!


Did your camper try the Polar Dip?  Did their whole cabin go?  Counselors will often jump in with their cabin if everyone goes at once!

When the next bell rang, everyone gathered at the Steps of Faith (the Amphitheater).  Philippines cabin raised the flag this morning as we said The Pledge of Allegiance.  Then it was time for our Morning Movement to help us stretch and wake up before learning the first part of our memory verse.

After breakfast, campers gathered at The Tent for Morning Chapel.  We learned a few more action songs before Anna Watkins shared about the Bible.  Campers brought their Bibles but it’s such a large book, where should we even start!  It can be so confusing with all the titles and numbers.  Anna helped us understand how it is organized so we can know where to find things

It’s helpful to know how it is laid out but why should we read it?  Anna showed us the importance of reading our Bibles’ because it is God’s Word, a letter from The King!

For lunch, campers enjoyed chicken strips and potato wedges along with salad and an orange or apple.  Yum!!

Our superheroes were back today with another funny skit!  Everyone thought they might do something terribly heroic but they were so focused on finding the next mission, they missed the opportunity when one arose.  We’ll have to see what missions arise throughout the rest of the week!

In the afternoon, everyone headed to The North 40 to play Shipwreck!  Campers worked in their cabin groups as they navigated the high seas, collecting treasure.  Cabins had to choose between staying out and collecting more treasure or stashing their bounty safely at their cove.   If they chose to continue collecting treasure, they ran the risk of being shipwrecked by another Cabin and losing all they had gathered.  The coves filled with treasure as campers collected cabin points along with lots of laughs and smiles!


Last night Maryn encouraged campers to be looking for lift-up moments.  Ask your camper what some lift-up moments were that they witnessed!  Try watching for encouragement at home!

Campers enjoyed a couple hours of free time before a delicious dinner with lasagna and garlic bread accompanied by salad and cheesecake!

Campers have an opportunity to run off some evening energy playing Free the Hostage.  Similar to capture the flag, teams try to advance into the enemy territory in order to bring back the “captive”, a staff member, well hidden in the woods. 

After the game, campers will gather for Evening Chapel.  Come back tomorrow to find out what we learn about and follow along with The Funnest Fun at Camp! 


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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