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Super Kids 2 – Day 1

Today we welcomed Super Kids 2!  We are excited to have them at Camp for the week and we are already having some of The Funnest Fun!  Campers checked in and met their counselors and cabin friends before having an opportunity to take their swim test.  Many passed, earning a bright yellow wristband which will give them access to deep water toys like The Water Mats and Raft during swim time. 

After some free time to settle in and play around the Hub (the central part of Camp outside the Chalet including Octoball, 4 square and the sand volleyball court), campers gathered at the Amphitheater for Who’s Who!  This was an opportunity for campers to meet the other counselors and the non-counseling staff and hear what they do.  Campers enjoyed a funny character skit too as we met our hero’s!  We might get to see them take on a mission this week!   

Next up was a picnic dinner.  Cabins could pick up food, (Sloppy Joe’s, carrots, chips and ice cream!), before finding a place to sit outside.  This was a good time for campers to get to know one another and learn new names. 

After dinner everyone headed to the Tent for rules.  We started with a favorite action song where we pretended to be hippos!  Ask your camper to teach you the actions!  Then Rich and Mariah shared 10 rules to help us have The Funnest Fun at Camp!  We also found out how to win cabin points and how to stay safe when swimming and fishing. 

Our speaker for the week is Maryn Feyereisen.  Tonight she shared a story about hiking in California and recounted how a hiker had become stuck off the path and needed to be rescued by a helicopter.  Just like the helicopter lifted the person up, bringing them to a better place, Maryn encouraged us to be watching and listening for lift up moments where people are encouraging and building one another up.  It will be excited to hear what campers witness!! 


There were so many silly skits at the Variety Show tonight!  Ask your camper to share some of them with you!  Which one was their favorite?

Tonight was the staff variety show!  Campers loved the silly skits as they laughed and cheered for their favorites.  Our very own Camp Lebanon synchronized swimming team performed specially for us tonight!  (There is word they might be at the Olympics in a few days!) 

Now it is off to bed before a busy day tomorrow!  We look forward to sharing campers’ adventures with you throughout the week! 


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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