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Junior High 2 – Day 6

What a fun week we have had!!  It was filled with adventures, new games, rich gospel Truth and memories that will last years!

Campfire last night was so fun as we played another round of Gorilla gets the Man.  While we didn’t catch the lion, we caught a glimpse of God’s breadth and beauty.  Isn’t it amazing we can worship him everyday through our actions?!  The “Praise God!” shout was one way our worship of Him overflowed.


Campers encountered God this week in mighty ways!  Last night at Campfire, Jon encouraged campers to share decisions they made this week with someone.  Some made first time decisions for Christ while others rededicated their lives to him!

Ask your camper about their decisions and encourage them as they grow in their relationship with God!

The Closing Rally was a sweet time as we gathered to remember highlights from the week and share a taste of Camp with friends and family!  A couple memorable moments included a new record for Polar Dips in a Junior High week and awards for the largest fish including the longest Bullhead of the summer!

Campers got to say verses to their counselors throughout the week to add their name to the pie bucket!  During the Closing Rally, the campers who had their names drawn got to pie the staff member of their choice.  After a quick lesson in proper “pieing” technique, campers cheered their friends on as they decorated the staff!

Campers, thank you for joining us for Junior High 2!  We had such a fun week with you!  We hope to see everyone again soon!!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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