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Junior High 3 – Day 3

It’s been another wonderful day of summer youth camps!  First, let’s do a little recap of last night’s chapel!  All week, our speaker, Drew, is talking about how God uses Creation to point us to Jesus, our Mighty Savior.  Last night, Drew talked about the stars and how they remind us that we are family.  


Read Genesis 15:5-6.  Talk to your camper about the passage, and ask them to explain to you what being in the forever family of God means.  What do they think about being a part of God’s family?  Does being in God’s family change anything about how they think of themselves and others?  Can you find any other verses in the Bible about being a part of God’s family? 

With seven rings, the Camp Bell woke everyone up for the third day of Camp.  Some campers polar dipped, every camper went to the Steps of Faith to raise the flag, and everyone enjoyed another delicious breakfast (ask your camper if they got to try the famous Camp Lebanon oatmeal).  Morning Chapel, Morning Free Time, and Cabin Time followed (during cabin time, campers gather with their cabin groups and do a fun activity with their counselor).

It was Taco Tuesday today – campers enjoyed a lunch of taco fixings, nacho chips, churros, and more fresh fruit.  Then it was time for Mail Call and Clinics & Seminars.  Clinics & Seminars alternate every other day, typically, which gives campers the chance to try as many as they can.  

Right around 2:30, the bell rang for every camper’s favorite time of day – Free Time!  It was another warm day, so there were lots of campers down by the lake to swim, fish, or boat.  The Hub has also been a popular spot this week so far – lots of campers practicing their Volleyball skills before the big tournament tonight, and others playing Castle- Square and Four Square!  Canteen opened up around 3:00 for snacks, like freeze pops, ice cream sandwiches, and so many different candy options.  Free Time is also when cabins get to participate in Laser Tag and Zipline!

Free Time ended with the bell ringing for campers to gather at the Steps of Faith of Flag Lowering.  Then cabins were dismissed for dinner.  Tonight’s dinner was Hamburgers, fries, and some delicious watermelon!

After dinner was the Volleyball Tournament!  Cabins go all out for team spirit as they play against other cabins to be the Volleyball Champion Team!  It’s the highlight of the week in many ways, and the tournament is a great way for cabins to bond and grow closer!  It’s always amazing to see how lively the rest of the week is after cabins connect with each other during the Volleyball Tournament!  So many friendships are formed because of it.


Ask your camper about the Volleyball Tournament.  How did their team do?  What was their team cheer or team uniform?  What were some other highlights from the night, aside from playing the games?

After Volleyball, campers will head to Chapel.  We will fill you in on that tomorrow!  In the meantime, enjoy the photos from today’s fun!  More of the Volleyball photos will be ready to go tomorrow, so check the gallery for those tomorrow morning!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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