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Junior High 3 – Day 2

Today began with Polar Dip, Flag Raising at the Steps of Faith, and a delicious breakfast!  Then it was time for Cabin Clean-Up (campers go back to their cabins and tidy up – our nurses will go around and do cabin inspections each day and award cabins points for how tidy their cabins are!).  Then it was time for morning TAG Time (Time Alone with God), for campers to spend some time outside, with their Bibles, going through a short devotional that was prepared for them.

Following that, campers split up for Morning Chapel (split guys and girls).  Then it was time for some Free Time, Cabin Time, and then LUNCH!  Today’s lunch was Chicken Fingers, Mac ‘N’ Cheese, Salad, and fresh fruit for dessert.  Then campers watched a Mail Call skit, put on by the staff.  After that, it was time for them to choose and Clinic or Seminar!  


Ask your camper about their Clinic or Seminar.  What was their favorite one of the week? What were some of the things they learned how to do, or the subjects they learned more about?

Clinics and Seminars lead right in to Free Time.  Campers waited in line for Swim Time (it was a warm day – lots of campers were at the waterfront!), played Carpetball and other games on the Hub, enjoyed an outdoor Craft Room, or played Laser Tag and rode the Zipline.  Free Time is always SO full at Camp – and it’s only the first day.  So much more fun to be had this week!

Tonight, we had another picnic meal.  This time, we had lasagna, garlic toast, salad, and cheesecake.  Then everyone gathered on the Steps of Faith to hear about the big Field Game, Shipwrecked.  Cabins made the hike up to the North 40 field to play the game, which involved each cabin acting as a “ship,” running around the field and picking up different treasure.  It was a lot of fun to see campers strategizing and learning to work together to achieve a goal.

After the game, campers enjoyed some more Free Time on the Hub, while the Canteen was open.  Then it was time for Chapel.  Campers are grabbing their Bibles and heading over to the tent now to sing some songs and hear more from our speaker.  We’ll tell you all about it tomorrow!


Enjoy photos from your camper’s week at the link below!  Perfect to download, share, and print!

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