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God Comes Through at Arctic Blast

Airplane issues, technology snafus, arctic temps, and heavy snow couldn't stop God from having His victory at Arctic Blast Retreat.

Here at Camp, we run into our fair share of road bumps. That was certainly the case leading up to Arctic Blast, our winter junior and senior high retreat. God had His hand on the weekend and the enemy was going to do everything he could do interfere. But it was clear, the Lord was gonna get his victory! On opening day, our speaker Greg Speck missed his flight due to an unknown schedule change. And then his second plane broke down and wasn’t able to depart. He did finally end up arriving at Camp, but it was discouraging at the very least. We ended up switching our evening around for a later chapel…and it was a hit! Doing activities ahead of chapel ended up breaking the ice for students better than what we had planned, and they were able to connect deeper with God and others. Greg’s message on connecting was funny, filled with God’s truth, and landed on open hearts. God was going to have His victory

And if that wasn’t enough, our computer in the sound booth crashed! Thankfully, God used our worship leader James Allen Hall to provide us with his own computer complete with the ProPresenter system we use. What a blessing and encouragement to the weekend staff! It was evident that God wanted to speak to the kids at Arctic Blast 2022, and that can be seen in everything from the broomball tournament in heavy snowfall to the sweet moments spent in small groups. Our closing remark for the end of the retreat has never rung more true, “THANK YOU, GOD, FOR A REALLY GREAT WEEKEND!”

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