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Camp isn’t just for Campers.

Counselors and staff know they will be pouring into the lives of campers. But what they don't expect is just how much God grows them in the process.

It’s the last morning of a Super Kids week.  Campers move a little more slowly as they pack, pressing damp towels into swollen suitcases.  One camper lingers on her knees, picking up a neon paper that was smuggled into the cabin during yesterday’s free time.  Her eyes travel up and down the page, her head slightly nodding in approval.

She straightens slowly and turns to her counselor, Grace.  “I made this for you.”  That voice, usually so full of mischief and mirth, breaks softly.  Grace sits on the bed as she takes the card from the small outstretched hands.  She softly reads the card aloud, “Thank you for being our counselor.  I know it was a tough week for you and we got into lots of mischief.  You never got mad and always gave me a hug.  You are my favorite counselor.  I love you!”  A tear pools in the corner of Grace’s eye.  She pulls the camper into a tight embrace.  “I love you, too.”

Grace loved working at Camp and pouring into her campers, but one thing she did not expect was how much God was going to grow her.  She finished the summer with a deeper understanding of His persistent love and a greater appreciation of His faithfulness on the mountain tops and in the valley of the shadow.  She is thankful for the opportunity to have impacted so many campers through the summer and can’t wait to see many of them again at next year’s summer camps!

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