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Pray For Ukraine | Sister Camps in Turmoil

As the world watches in horror over the events in Ukraine, concern grows for the wellbeing of the two camps supported by summer mission offerings. In 1996, Camp Lebanon was blessed to be part of the miracle God used to establish Source of Life Camp in Chernvitsy. Source of Life sponsors summer sessions for youth, families, orphans, and the blind. Five years ago, Camp connected with Camp Karabin, an outreach dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged youth, many of them displaced by war.

Source Of Life Camp

We have yet to hear from Source of Life, but our friends at Karabin have shifted to supporting local church operations in Cherkasy to help the needy in their community. From a 3/2/20 Facebook post: “We help people living near shelters, we help military by providing equipment, food, clothing etc., We also coordinate the nearest bomb shelter, pray, fast, patrol our area, set up the evacuation of pregnant women, people with disabilities, take care of several orphanages, organize first aid courses, stock up on food (we know that soon we will have to feed not only soldiers, but many others from our community and not only), and much more.” Both camps are located in western Ukraine away from the major battle zones; however, the situation is urgent and dangers many. For updated info and prayer requests, visit Karabin on Facebook here:

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