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If Everyone Gives a Little, We Can Do It!

This moment of generosity illustrated by two young girls should motivate us all.

Check out this story shared with us by a long-time Camp friend:

I came home from the Annual meeting and told my granddaughters Emily (4) and Lucy (6) that Camp Lebanon was going to build a gym. “How much does it cost?” they asked.  “Well, a lot,” I said, “But if everyone gives a little, we can do it.” Lucy immediately went to her bank and gave me $10.  Emily gave me $2 and then made the poster that says “I like the gym” (pictured).  They are so excited to go to Mother Daughter Grandma retreat for the first time that they packed their suitcases in February!


Lord, thank you for the incredible generosity shown by these two young girls.  We see in your Word what you did with the boy’s gift of five loaves and two fish, as you multiplied it greatly to feed five thousand people.  In faith, we ask that you would take this sweet gift from these two girls and multiply its impact for your glory and your Kingdom! Amen.

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