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Strong Registrations Point to Big Summer

Staff aren’t the only ones eager for summer’s arrival. Registrations opened with a bang on January 1 and haven’t slowed down since. At last look, summer youth camps were 90% full with several sessions growing waiting lists. To no one’s surprise, Senior High and Super Kids 2 & 3 lead the way and Junior High 2 & 3 are not far behind. Spread the word and encourage kids to register as soon as possible. At 83% capacity, family camps are also filling fast with only 39 spots left for the five family sessions. The summer rental schedule is nearly full as well, with only a few small openings left. Why the high interest? For one, parents are eager to get their kids to Camp after all the COVID craziness. What’s more, families and groups recognize the quality of the Camp Lebanon experience in terms of program, facilities, food, and staffing. The biggest reason for the summer explosion is the open door God is providing to shine the brightest light possible for the Gospel. Keep praying!

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