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Camp Story | Jason & Tami Patten

Jason & Tami (Buswell) share the story of how they met at Camp and how it has become a special place for their entire family.
How did you meet?

We both grew up being campers at Camp Lebanon. We met the summer of 1988 when we were in 7th grade and our friend groups started hanging out together. We went through LIT (Leaders in Training) together, washing dishes and serving on maintenance together. We remained friends and both attended Mankato State University, but we didn’t start dating until we were half way through college. We were married in 1998. We now live in Maple Grove, Minnesota and have three kids… Alicia who is 18 and heading to University of Wisconsin Madison this fall. Nick will be a high school junior this year, and Ryan will be starting eighth grade.

Jason & Tami at Camp in 11th grade.
How has Camp impacted your lives?

Camp helped to solidify and form a foundation that we built upon as we got married and had kids. Not only were we campers at camp, but we also staffed up there as well. We then started taking our kids to family camp, and eventually they became campers. Now our two oldest are on summer staff.  All three of our kids were baptized a few years ago by Bill Abeler at Camp (see photo).

Why is Camp a special place for you?

It’s a unique place to form key friendships that last a lifetime, all the while reinforcing and building on a biblical foundation. Camp has strong role models and trusted people that speak into your life.

Share your Camp story!

We’d love to hear your Camp Lebanon story!  Whether you met your spouse at Camp, gave your life to Jesus, or just have a fun memory to share.  We’d love to hear it!  Just follow the button below to a quick story form.

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