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Gym Campaign is 70% Funded!

Thanks to the generous donations of so many friends, Camp has 70% of the funds needed for the new gym!

As of yesterday, Camp has surpassed the 70% mark in funds raised for the new multi-purpose gym!  Thank you to all 345 donors (households, individuals, or organizations) who have financially contributed to the effort so far through donations and pledges.  There are even more people who have been praying, volunteering, investing in the vision, and cheering everyone on.

Gym Construction Update:

The gym site elevation grading plan has been completed and gym construction documents are official. This Saturday, October 29th, a group of men will begin removing some trees to clear the site of the new gym.  If you have a chainsaw and are interested in helping out, please email Scott Shoemaker or call Camp at (320) 403-9555.  (NOTE: We love trees at Camp and have worked hard to keep tree removal as minimal as possible. More trees will be planted following construction as well.)


It’s super exciting to reach the 70% point, but there is still $745,908 to raise.  We have a few fundraising initiatives planned, including an Everyday Friends opportunity for Quilters and Year-End Push.  But we’re also looking for friends who would be interested in hosting a “Gym Party” at their house, church, or other gathering place.  The idea is to gather friends together, celebrate what God is doing at Camp, share about the impact opportunity of the gym, and give people a chance to consider supporting the campaign through a gift, pledge, prayer, or other means.  If you’re interested in hosting a “Gym Party” please email Bill Abeler at  Stay tuned, more updates to come!

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