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Meet Camp’s Newest Staff Members!

Camp has added several new faces to its year-round staff team! Let's get to know them!

The team out at Camp Lebanon has been growing (six new staff) and we couldn’t be more excited! With so many new faces come new stories to learn and hearts to serve with. We’ve asked each of them to share a fun fact about themselves and what they like to do in their spare time. Let’s get to know them!

Hi, I’m Michelle Goebel, the Administrative Assistant.

Fun fact – As a wannabe pilot, I was the only passenger on a regional commercial flight the week before a major airline company went bankrupt. It was the pilot, the co-pilot and me. They gave me my own headset and let me hear the control tower and showed me all the points of attractions from Chicago to Champaign, Illinois. One of my most memorable flights ever. 

In my large free time, I love to travel and explore with my family. In my short free time, I love to sit outside and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.”

“What’s up, I’m Ben Smith. I’m the Rental Manager here at Camp Lebanon. 

One time, my friends and I glued a quarter to the floor of Mall of America and went up a few flights of stairs. Then we watched people try to pick it up.

When I’m not with a rental group, I like to watch sports. And watch people try to pick up glued quarters off the ground.”

“Hello, my name is Gloria Olson and I just started as Registrar

A fun fact about me is that I have hiked in the Italian Alps, the Austrian Alps, and the Afton Alps.

In my spare time, I enjoy taking walks in nature, reading, and going shopping at Amish farms.”

“Hey, I’m Izzy Thostenson, the Ministry Associate here at Camp Lebanon.

A super fun fact I have is that I have a pet fish named Dirty Dan, he’s a beta fish who gets existential sometimes.

In my free time, I take care of my son Dirty Dan and stare at him staring at himself. “

“Hello, my name is Noah Desrosiers and I am Camp’s first ever intern (Operations Intern).

My fun fact is that I think I could take Ben on in a head-to-head broomball match.

When I’m not running around Camp, I love all things sports, mostly baseball. I like reading and fishing; especially when Bill is driving the boat.”

“Hi! I’m Megan Sands and I just came onto staff as a Sous Chef in the kitchen. I’m super blessed to be working with such an amazing team!

I have been coming to Camp since I was five years old, that’s a pretty fun fact.

I love being creative! My favorite things to do in my free time are sewing, scrapbooking, knitting, drawing and making costumes. My favorite costumes that I have made are Pac-Man and a vending machine that were each about 5 feet tall!!”

God is so good in his provision and faithfulness! It’s always exciting to welcome new people to our team, and what a blessing to have the servant hearts he has sent us. A new season has started for the Ministry of Camp Lebanon, so let’s watch God do His thing!

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