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It Sure Feels Real Now!

Wow, it sure feels real now! This fall’s groundwork sets the stage for construction on the building to begin next spring.

Two groups of volunteers, equipped with chainsaws, came at Camp late this fall to begin clearing the physical site of the gym. Wow, it sure feels real now! The men helped with tree removal, revealing the true footprint of the new building. What a beautiful spot! Check out these before and after photos of the site.

What's Next?

This fall’s groundwork sets the stage for construction on the building to begin next spring, beginning with the precast concrete walls of the gym itself.  The rest of the construction will take place throughout the summer, finished during the fall, and, by the grace of God, ready for use as the year turns to 2024!  From a financial perspective, there’s still $700,000 left to raise. Thanks to some special circumstances, Camp has the opportunity to point year-end gifts towards the campaign. It’s also the season for “gym parties.” These gatherings of friends, usually in someone’s home, provide Camp with an opportunity to share the vision and give guests a chance to consider supporting the campaign through a gift, pledge, prayer, or other means. These are exciting times!


The countdown is on! As of mid-November, 72.17% of the $2.5 million in funds have been raised for the new multi-purpose gym!  Thank you to all 353 donors (households, individuals, organizations) who have financially contributed to the effort so far through donations and pledges.  An additional thank you to everyone who continues to pray, volunteer, invest in the vision, and cheer Camp on.

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