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2022 Idea Of The Year!

The year-round staff has voted and the 2022 "Idea of the Year" has been named!

Linus Pauling said, “The best way to have a good idea is to have a lot of ideas.”  And the best way to have an excellent idea is to have a lot of good ideas to choose from!  Each year at the annual staff planning retreat we have fun voting on the “idea of the year.” This year we had more nominations (32) than ever before!  After three rounds of voting and some funny debate, the 2022 Idea of the Year was chosen.


1. Main Hall Carpet Upgrade

In the words of Matt Twist, “Camp has permanent carpet squares now!” It sure is a nice facelift, too.  Kids love the look and feel, especially at toes up time. Quilters love the warmer feel and quieter atmosphere. Fantastic idea!


2. Beaver Point Boardwalk

The extended boardwalk is beautiful, but it wasn’t an accident! Bob Moulton provided ingenious design work.  Even the fish are happy! 

3. Cold Storage Shed

The maintenance team asked politely…and waited patiently. Finally, the shed is up…and the trucks are the happiest of all, finally able to escape winter’s wrath. Many blessings ahead!

4. Drone Camera

The new drone camera has elevated Camp’s photo game and made for some really cool shots & memories.


Cabin Heaters / AC Upgrades

Enough is enough! The 5 lakeside cabins struggled with maintaining heat in the cold winters for years. No more! A/C is a bonus. Nice to give guests more/easier control of their own comfort.

Camp S'more Magazine

A great new way to connect with Camp’s constituents, the S’more Mag is beautiful, practical, and a great promotional tool. Twice a year Camp’s ministry stories will be told in a first class publication. Save your copies!

Camp Christmas Lights

Glowing Camp looks great!

Swiss Army Knife - Bob Cat w/ Attachments

Bob Cat does everything… A welcome and long overdue addition to Camp’s super utility belt. Snow blower, grapple, forks, bucket, road grader, hitch plate.  But wait, there’s more! … Trencher coming soon.  Countless man hours saved! Vote for Bob – It’s Bob Time!

Great Staff Hires

Izzy, Michelle, Ben, Noah, Gloria, and Megan! Camp is on the way to ramping up for an elevated impact in future ministries.

WiFi Expansion Project

Lodge, Chalet, Activity Center, and Tent WiFi internet coverage.  This project increased capacity, stability, and speed for our staff and guests. The self implementation saved Camp thousands of dollars, not to mention the amount of reduced stress & frustrations with a much improved network!

Intern Prototype

It’s too early to know ALL the blessings of school-year interns, but Noah is making a great case for a future internship program.


There were so many great ideas this year! It would be a shame to let this post pass without sharing them.  So here you go!

  • Kindful – Camp’s New Donation System
  • Tubing Hill Lights
  • New Camp Map!
  • Faith’s Office Handrail – “The Queen’s Railing!”
  • 75th TV Purchases Instead of Renting (used in the new gym!)
  • Alumni Family Weekend
  • Supersized Carnival (Summer Camps)
  • CAMPmitment Day
  • Camper Hankies
  • Staff-led Fall Fire Games
  • 5K Wiffle Ball Marathon
  • Double-sided Ops Updates (internal)
  • Icky Sticky Relay!
  • Kids Love Camp-A-Thon
  • Camp’s very own Drum Kit
  • Camper Care Summer Staff Position
  • Eagle’s Nest Freezer
  • Waterfront Landscaping
  • “A New Jim” Eyewitness News Episode
  • One-Off Camp Gear
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