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Tori’s Top 22 Takes of 2022

With a year full of retreats and camps, there are a lot of captured moments to celebrate!

We have been so blessed to have a talented team of photographers and videographers this year! Ready for some fun stats? Throughout 2022 retreats, summer camps, and special events Camp has uploaded a whopping total of 17,660 pictures which have been viewed 11,121,641 times – that’s a lot of memories!  I’ve compiled four galleries of the “Bests” of this year’s photos to make it easier for you to enjoy them. You can find link to those galleries at the bottom of this post.

But I couldn’t help but make a small album of my own, too. Here are my 22 favorite photos of ’22 and why they mean so much to me!  (in no particular order)

Lights Down Hazzard Hill

This year, we put up Christmas lights down Hazzard Hill to help show the way down the snowy slopes. At the top of the hill, you can barely make out the warming house and bonfire keeping everyone toasty between tube rides. 

Don B Wows the Crowd

It’s hard to see Don B standing still – even harder to get a still picture of him! He has such a passion for sharing the joy of Christ through silliness and mind tricks. Don has been sharing his gifts at Camp for years and we are glad to have a friendship with him.

CAMPmitment Day

In February, we had our first ever CAMPmitment Day to celebrate the Summer Staffers we had already hired only a few months into the year. This particular picture is special to me because all of the staffers behind me are from my first batch of Leaders In Training I had taught the previous summer. I am genuinely so proud of each of my kids and it has been a continuous joy to watch them grow and lead.

Frisbee Golfing Kimmes Boys

Over the Dads N Lads Retreat, the Kimmes boys took a trip around Camp’s Frisbee Golf route. All three have served on our Summer Staff and have blessed Camp’s ministry. It is such a fun opportunity to have them as campers. And enjoy their hilarity.

Baby Beach Time

Our waterfront is always busy during Family retreats, whether campers are soaking in the sun on the sand or jumping from the raft diving boards. In the midst of all the hustle and bustle, this sweet moment was captured. What a neat way to let little ones enjoy God’s creation with soft waves and frantic minnows to show His craftsmanship. 

The Family That Floats Together, Sticks Together

There are ways to prevent a sinking canoe, but where’s the fun in that?! During Family Week, we see a lot of big  splashes throughout the Boat Races , but these families are determined to stick together. Technically, this boat is still above water… for the moment.

Sand Spa

There’s nothing wrong with getting a little dirt under your fingernails. One of the things about being in the middle of God’s creation is that we get to immerse ourselves into it … sometimes more literally than others. Don’t worry, Mom, she’s going swimming later, anyway.

Firework Silhouette

Fourth of July fireworks are a must-see. Kayaks and Corcles alike are paraded around the shallow waters to give a colorful show. It’s always a hoot, and at least one staff member gets completely soaked. Is it even a Camp Lebanon Firework show if there’s not a kayak involved?

Just Checkin' In

These two girls just couldn’t contain their laughter! Time and time again, Camp has proven itself to be a place where friendships can bloom and grow. 

Tiresome Anticipation

On opening day of Junior High 2, this group of girls found a perch atop the tires outside the Wiffle Ball Stadium. I remember when the tires used to sit by the playground. Every time I walk past them, I think back to the meaningful one-on-ones I had there as a camper and as a counselor.

Visionary at Work

Alicia Korpi was the leader of the Media Team this summer. Sometimes it’s fun to see an artist at work, and here we see her soaking in the last light of the evening, fog rolling over the hills across Cedar Lake. 

Time Alone with God

One of my personal favorite times as a camper was TAG Time (Time Alone with God… Time). Whenever the cabin looks clean enough for cabin inspections, the grounds are covered in campers reading the Word and soaking in His Truth. 

Golden Hour

I have found the sunsets over the summer are the warmest I will ever know. One of our photographers must have snuck this shot in during an evening chapel: Following the light with a camera in hand, listening as kids’ voices ring from under the Tent. 

Women's Worship

I may have a little bias, but if you’ve never listened in on a worship session filled with heavenly voices from a Women’s Retreat, you are seriously missing out. Wendy Gordy has been leading for years, and this is just a snippet of the Spirit working through her musical talent to bring His children to the throne room.

Syncronized Swimming

Ah, yes, the Camp Lebanon Staff Variety Show. It’s a great way to open up the week for any camper, but we decided to host a Variety Show for the Senior Highers this year with the best rendition of the “Synchronized Swimming” this world has ever seen. 

Baptism on the Waterfront

It would be fun to write up a list of who all has been baptized at the waterfront. This is a picture that will forever capture how Jin Hudson was encouraged and loved on by her older sister Tori and supervisor Rose after her baptism. 

Empty Tent

Even in the quiet of an empty tent, I can still hear echoes of Gospel teachings and worshipful songs. 

Sunset at Bass Point

Many a campfire has been had at Bass Point,with many jaw-dropping sunsets to accompany them. Not long after come the stars in all their glory. Maybe one day Bill will catch that lion, once and for all.

"Swimming Buddy" by a Screaming Scott Woller

We had a special appearance by the one and only Scott Woller to sing “Swimming Buddy” and the band couldn’t help but crack up. Colorful personalities have brought joys upon joys to campers throughout the years, and this song is a classic one. 

*Fun Fact: The band from this weekend was made up entirely of Camp Alumni, specifically in the worship department.*

A Sweet 75th Celebration

I can’t help but include this moment from the 75th Party. Bill and Lisa Abeler have done so much to steward this place well and love on everyone that walks the grounds. This photos shows how much joy they both have in pouring into Camp Lebanon.

Quiet Moment at Camp

Shane Hollenbeck is the Director of Ministries and he’s always ready to jump in and help out. At the Dads N Daughters campfire, he felt a moment of peace knowing the staff and campers alike were having a fun time and took a moment to himself. If I can recall correctly, Shane was singing a Disney song of some sorts to himself while slowly tearing each leaf off this poor plant’s stem. Sometimes, it’s good to remind ourselves that working at Camp is fun and that we can (and should) goof off, too! 

Reaching New Heights

For our youth group Fall Fire Retreat, we had a fort-building contest and this shot of a branch-stuffed cone topping a group’s fort shows the ambition and silliness required of any youth group. 

It’s been said a picture is worth a thousand words, so there’s about 22,000 for you. Not only do we at Camp Lebanon love providing space to create fun and meaningful memories, we like to capture them, too! For the full galleries, follow these links:

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