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Introducing Camp’s Interns!

Allow me to introduce to you Camp’s newest interns! Three men with a passion for camping ministry and a desire to use their talent and energy to bless the ministry of Camp Lebanon.

Returning for his second year, Noah Desrosiers has demonstrated time and again what hard work looks like. Noah’s first employment opportunity at Camp came the summer of 2022. That summer he gave his energy to being a counselor. Additionally, Noah would stay over on the weekends to lend a helping hand. He became famous for his willingness to say yes to almost anything and his witty humor. When the fall came around, we knew we had to find a role for him, and we sure did! He became our first intern. 

Noah returned for his second summer at camp and eagerly signed up for a second year of interning. His pioneering of the internship program has helped pave the way, and this fall we have been blessed to not only hire Noah back, but also two new interns, Santi and Joseph. Noah is currently pursuing his degree in Business and Ministry through the University of Northwestern St. Paul (UNWSP).

Santiago Mendoza (Santi) is a real servant leader. He participated in Camp’s D3 Discipleship program and graduated from Camp’s Leaders in Training (LIT) course in 2019. Santi has served on Summer Staff three times, and this past year he was the Male Staff Supervisor. Santi has plans to serve in a ministry setting.  He is currently pursuing his degree through the UNWSP. Santi is often the soft-spoken leader. His willingness to do most anything, paired with a gentle spirit, is what he is known for. This past summer Santi helped lead and host several guest groups.  He also often served on the Housekeeping and Dining Hall teams.

While Santi is known for his quiet demeanor, Joe is not.  Joseph Akins is a bubbly, high energy intern who served at Camp on the 2023 Summer Staff and often stayed over on the weekends to help wherever he could. I don’t think Joe is afraid to try anything, and he has gained a little experience in almost every area of Camp because of it. Joe is currently a student at Faith Baptist College, IA. He is pursuing a degree in Pastoral Ministries with an emphasis on youth.

We are certainly blessed to have these three excellent interns!

Interested in finding out more about our Internship program at Camp Lebanon?  Contact Shane.

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