1205 Acorn Road, Burtrum, MN 56318
Men’s Advance
April 6-7, 2018
One night. Three meals. Three sessions. Men’s Advance! beings with an 8pm Friday chapel and ends with a delicious Saturday dinner. This is the perfect spring weekend format! Church men’s groups can use Camp Lebanon’s annual Men’s Advance! to challenge men in their walk with Christ. The intensive Bible study is life relevant and goes deeper with small group follow-up discussions. There’s also time for fun with paintball, foosball, pool, pingpong, carpetball, power sleeping, and more!
Weekend Highlights
  • 3 Inspiring Sessions
  • 3 Delicious Meals
  • Small Group Sharing
  • Anything Goes Q & A
  • Ice Cream Sundaes
  • Paintball ($12)
  • Great Fellowship
  • Recreational Enjoyment (Pool, ping-pong, campfire, foosball, carpetball, Octoball, hiking, power sleeping, and more!)
Things to Bring
Bible, pen, notebook, informal attire, bedding & towels (unless rented from camp), a friend or two, earplugs, and your questions about living victoriously as a Christ-follower.
Men’s Advance! is a retreat designed to encourage men both in their walk with Christ and in fellowship with other Christian men. Individuals welcome. Groups ideal.
Theme: “The Man Code” – Biblical, Intentional, Transferable
How should a man carry himself in life (e.g. work, marriage, church, community, relationships)? Is there a “code” to live by? How do I teach my sons to be men? What do I teach my daughters to look for in a husband? Sadly, most American Christians have lost the ability to answer these questions. “The Man Code” is a Biblical code of conduct for intentional and dynamic living, creating a clear and transferable picture of manhood for every generation.
TEACHER: Mark Henry
Lead Pastor, Revive Church, Brooklyn Center

Lead Pastor at Revive Church Brooklyn Park MN. He is known for calling people to do one thing – Passionately Pursue Jesus Christ. He has started and/or developed four thriving churches in America. And globally, he has shared the Gospel with over five million people, exposed over 50,000 pastors to expository preaching and helped establish over 80 churches in Africa. As Executive Vice President, he developed Eternity Bible College for Pastor Francis Chan. He and his wife, Jera, have been married for 30 years, and raised three children who are, along with their families, living for Jesus.

Dorm Housing
Chalet & Scandinavia
Bathroom/Shower in the facility.
Linen service available for $5.
Cabin Housing
Bathroom/Shower in nearby building.
Linen service not available.
Senior Pastors
Come for FREE!

Please contact Bill Abeler // babeler@camplebanon.org // (320) 573-2125