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“Woo-hoo” From You Know Who – March 2016

Lisa Abeler.jpgThe note in the prayer box was urgent.  An expecting young woman carried the burden of an unborn son diagnosed with heart defects. She asked for a touch from God. What He gave her was a very special connection…

What does it mean to “connect”?  A web search yields these definitions:

con·nect \kə-ˈnekt\ (v.)

  • to join, link, or fasten together; unite or bind
  • to put in communication
  • to cause to be associated with another person, thing, event, idea or business
  • to attach oneself with a group of like-minded persons
  • to associate mentally or emotionally
  • to link to an electrical or communications system

Women are God-designed to be connectors. We long for deep, meaningful relationships. We naturally assume nurturing roles.  And we work tirelessly to bring loved ones together into community, whether at home, work, or church.  Developing connections and maintaining them are vitally important to us.  Juggling these connections can be both exhilarating and exhausting, complicated by generational lines, seasons of life, and daily responsibilities.

Pam Farrell describes a key difference between men and women in their connectivity: “Men are like waffles; women are like spaghetti.”  Men tend to organize life into compartments to be systematically managed one at a time.  Women, on the other hand, deal with their many connections simultaneously, like a plate full of noodles entwined in, under, over and through each other.

Camp Lebanon’s Women’s Ministries exist to help women thrive while navigating the noodles. Through women-specific events (e.g. Women’s Retreats, Quilt & Craft) and family-centered programs (e.g. Parent-Child retreats, family & youth camps), we desire to come alongside to help you meaningfully connect with the people who matter most.

Seeing women connect with each other and with God is one of my greatest passions. It happened again at a recent quilt retreat, when that expectant mother met another woman on site who had given birth only last fall to a little boy with similar heart issues. Amazingly, this woman shared how God did His healing work at the very same hospital through the very same doctors. Who but Almighty God could orchestrate such a connection? What a powerful moment to watch these women pray together, finding hope for the journey while experiencing a deeper level of trust in the God who sees and hears and knows and cares as we cry out to Him.

So, welcome to Women’s Connect!  Thank you for joining us on the journey … because we need each other!

– Lisa

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